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Dinner in a Jar

September 28, 2011 / Fun & Favorites

Pantry Hit- Gourmet Garlic Chicken for Dummies!

Dinner for company in less than an hour and hey, you can read a magazine while it cooks.  You start with chicken and a ready- made garlic lemon sauce and, oh, that’s it!  A jar, a stove and a nap…

We can’t believe we are recommending dinner from a jar!  But when you taste the meal made with this ready-made garlic lemon sauce, you’ll be a believer too.   The citrus tastes fresh squeezed and the house smells SOOO good, then dinner delivers in a big way.   We ate every bite and word to the wise- this is good enough for guests.  You can feed a family of four two meals from the one jar and a group of 8 people by using entire contents at once.  Directions called for chicken on the bone but we used boneless breast of chicken and it was good too.  Crusty fresh bread and a crisp salad… you are good to go (even nap while it bakes, it’s that easy).