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Wedding Dress Sketch by Kristina Bass Bailey

September 28, 2011 / Fun & Favorites

Need a WOW wedding gift? Hint: yes to the DRESS

Will your gift stand out in the sea of wedding gifts?  Nix traditional flatware and toasters- give a  bridal gown sketch!  Kristina Bailey’s elegant art turns the dress into a to-die for present.

Want to stand out in the wedding crowd?  We bet no one else is getting the bride custom made artwork of her wedding gown.  GreenBox artist Kristina Bass Bailey draws an incredibly elegant ink and water color sketch.  An unframed 8”x10” sketch starts at $190 making this a great shower or bridesmaid group gift.  For Kristina beautiful dresses are a long-time passion- she received her BFA in Fabric Design and interned in NYC in the fashion industry.  There she spent her days dying fabrics and embellishing clothing surfaces, an experience that would later greatly influence her painting. When you want the couple to know you put thought into your purchase, we think this is an ideal present.

  • Tigeroreo

    I love the dresses