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Perfect for Budding GreenBox Artists!

November 30, 2011 / Fun & Favorites

All an artist may need is some paper and a pencil, but let’s face it, sometimes the only thing your imagination draws is a blank. That’s why we love these artistic imagination-starters:

Let’s Make Some Great Art is an interactive book with all sorts of ideas to launch from, based on famous artists ranging from Van Gogh to Bourgeois. You’ll learn things like how to make a mobile and how to perfectly space the elements of a face.

Create a Comic Project offers a bunch of choices for lovers of all things manga, including blank templates (just the boxes, no art) and comic templates (art, in black and white or color, but no words).

Finally, we at GreenBox are especially partial to children’s artist Eric Carle, whose reproductions are available at our sister site, oopsydaisy.com. And once in awhile, we all like to return to our childhoods, right? This spiral-bound Eric Carle drawing notebook features space for drawing and space for writing, so you can create your own classic.

Talk about thinking outside the manilla-paper box.

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