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Many Modern (Metal) Menorahs

December 14, 2011 / Design Tips

Few sights can compete with the glow of Hanukah candles, but here are a few sculptural menorahs that definitely complement the lights they display.

The industrial appeal of this cast aluminum piece is not only in its visual elements: it’s smartly useful, too. It neatly stores every candle necessary for the eight days. So sensible.

Speaking of industrial, artist Joe Grand used galvanized steel pipes to create a fascinating plumbing-as-art piece.

The shiny nesting menorah can be assembled day by day for an ever-changing sculpture, offering a lovely commentary on life itself during the Festival of Lights.

And then there’s the Menorah Kingfisher by artist Shraga Landesman, which brings to mind a nest in the literal sense. You may find yourself displaying this graceful work of art year-round.

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