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Tyler Sled
T. F. Tyler, From the Collection of the Maine Historical Society Museum

The Art of Antique Sleds

December 16, 2011 / Events

Maybe because it’s that time of year, when holidays, nostalgia, and chilly weather combine. Or maybe we’re just in a Robert-Kennedy-style state of mind. Whatever the reason, we’re wishing we were just a little closer to Maine. That’s because the Maine Historical Society Museum has some pretty incredible antique sleds for the viewing.

We’re charmed by the T. F. Tyler wood & metal sled, lovingly built for little Thaddeus Frank by his father, Thaddeus Warsaw Tyler, in 1854.

Some serious shooshing, as well as present-transporting, no doubt took place on the Museum’s wooden sled with extended oak and metal runners, circa 1900. Those side grips look like they meant business–we’re imagining fluffy mittens concealing some seriously white knuckles.

If you aren’t near Maine, or if you want to take the nostalgia home with you, you could always buy an antique sled of your own. Happy memories don’t come cheap, though: this cherry red, 19th-century beauty will set you back more than a thousand dollars.


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