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A Case of Nostalgia

January 19, 2012 / Fun & Favorites

It’s hard to argue that “the good old days” would not have been even better with a smartphone in your pocket. As much as we love waxing nostalgic now and then, we’d never want to give up a pocketful of world-wide access.

Here’s an ideal way to bring the good old days and smartphones together: the trend of retro-styled phone covers. Not hand-made knit cozies, though those are available too, but cases that make your phone look like something else entirely–a very old something, at that.

Remember Gameboys? That wasn’t so long ago, was it? Actually, it was.

For those who can’t quite admit to their love of technology, here’s one from Moleskine; it’s even got a real notebook inside.

You can also look like you just happened to have a really old camera or a pencil case/sewing kit-type thing handy. Who doesn’t need one of those?

But our favorite is the one that makes us sigh and is guaranteed to start a conversation that will last through several rounds: the old mix tape. You know what? If we had to choose between a smartphone in our pocket or a carefully recorded mix tape from an admirer, it might take us a few minutes to decide on an answer.






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