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Create a Backsplash with Panache

February 1, 2012 / Design Tips

Need to spice up your kitchen? Sometimes, a big costly renovation project is simply out of the question. When you’re thinking about how ho-hum you find your family galley, know that a full remodel may not necessarily be the answer. We all know “pops of color” are the inexpensive way to liven up our living areas. Adding accents that are small parts of a whole allow you to have many options when you’re in the mood to decorate and redecorate on a whim.

Adding a backsplash above your sink, or all along the wall space between your counter tops and upper cabinets makes a huge impact in the room, but not on your bank account. While thoughts of trowels, grout, and tile adhesive may heighten your anxiety- it’s certain you’ll be more than proud of your beautiful new backsplash once you’ve completed it. Of course, you can always find easy instructions and videos from the genius DIYers at HGTV to make this a simple weekend project. Imagine the stress you’ll release, and the beauty you’ll create!

Put together a mosaic for an original piece of wall art doubling as an easy cleanup backsplash. Of course there’s every style of tile to choose from with all different shapes and colors. Try an all white honeycomb pattern for a clean, modern yet old-fashioned look. Maybe rectangular glass tiles all in similar shades with a little metallic touch. Or you can skip tile all together! Try a reclaimed wood covering, or fun wallpaper- either protected by a hardy polyurethane or plexiglass to aid cleanup.

Regardless of your style, you have the freedom to put your own stamp on those walls. Absolutely in love with a certain tile pattern that’s a little pricey? Choose to only do above the stove or sink to get the look you want, then add color to the rest of the kitchen using a tough, washable paint in a color that really highlights your choice.

Here is some inspiration for looks that may tickle your fancy.


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  • Victoria Huckins

    I totally agree …check out my backsplash…I used old scraps of paper new and some vintage, as well as hand painted ones to created my own unique design.  http://victoriahuckins.blogspot.com/2010/12/kitchen-part-three.html#links