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Tanja Alexia Hollander @ Portland (ME) Museum of Art

Face Your Friends

February 16, 2012 / Events

Now here’s an art concept whose time has come. Between now and June 17, Maine-based artist Tanja Alexia Hollander’s exhibit, Are You Really My Friend?, is on display at the Portland (Maine) Museum of Art. Here’s the deal: Hollander has 600+ friends on facebook (a number that leaves us feeling slightly unpopular, but that’s another story), and she is connecting with each and every one, face-to-face. She is photographing each friend and posting (in the retro sense, that is) the snapshots in the museumt.

The exhibit is interactive in a couple of ways. First, naturally, there’s a¬†facebook page¬†associated with it so anyone can friend the artist and leave comments. Also, in the exhibit itself, there is an iPad for comments and access to unlimited (we love this) Post-it notes (get it?). Viewers can write their comments on a real-life, ever-expanding message board.

Such a clever concept (and such good timing, what with facebook’s IPO plans all over the news). We “like” it.



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