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Bloom True! A Two-Day Painting Adventure with Flora Bowley

March 6, 2012 / Artist at Work, Education, Events

It is time for a workout- of the mind, and of the creative tools you know, or need to get to know! We, of course, love Flora Bowley and her ethereal wall art. She has supplied our GreenBox line with a touch of magic and bright, lush paintings.

If you’re lucky enough to be in the Berkley, CA area on March 10th and 11th, fitting in Flora’s two day workshop at Teahouse Studio would be an incredible experience. You’ll learn her personal painting techniques such as dripping, stamping, expressive mark making, etching, patterning, drawing with paint and carving out imagery. She’ll help you focus on stretching your body, breathing deeply, and bringing that focus to the art making process.

If you need an awakening, Flora Bowley will surely provide! If you miss this opportunity, Flora makes appearances far and wide- so find out what she’s up to in the future.

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