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April 9, 2012 / Fun & Favorites

When we sat down to write this post, we were totally distracted by tweeting. Not the online kind (though that distracts us from work sometimes, too!), but the cheeping and chattering kind. We opened the window to yell “How’s a blogger supposed to get anything done?” when we saw it–a group of industrious birds in the bushes, chit-chatting. And we thought, “Ah, Spring! Can a nest be far behind?” And the mood changed immediately.

We’ll keep an eye on that bush for you and let you know when/if a nest appears, but in the meantime, here are some beautiful hand-made nests to tide you over:

These crocheted birds’ nests are absolutely darling. Especially once you realize that this one is pictured along with instructions to make them for actual rescued animals. Talk about being useful as well as ornamental. Almost makes us want to take up crocheting.

The pearl-filled nests look a little more straightforward, and they result in jewelry for human use rather than homes for wild animal use. These wire nests were created in only a couple steps, and the instructions are very clear. Mother’s Day gifts, anyone?

Here’s another hand-made nest that is just breathtaking. Artist Fiona Heron uses bronze, aluminum or polished steel to make these, and they’re for indoor or outdoor display. Can you imagine the art-in-action that would result if a discerning bird actually built a nest using one of these as a base?

Speaking of art in action, of course here at Green Box we have all sorts of bird-themed canvas wall art to choose from–several dozen, to be exact. How about Welcome to Our NestIntricate Bird or One Willow? That’s what we love about birds and nests: they’re like fine art in nature, and we love seeing them as fine art for walls.

Thanks for the inspiration, birdies!






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