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April 30, 2012 / Fun & Favorites

We’re not that old, really we’re not. But we are finding ourselves beginning to appreciate things that we had, in our rash youth, thought of as the dominion of the “mature” set. Like mah jongg (it’s okay–we have an app). Or skirted bathing suits.

Or bonsai. That ancient Japanese art of miniature tree-growing is kinda cool, as millions of people over a thousand years have already discovered. It takes patience, which we now recognize as a luxury rather than a weakness.

So we’ve been spending lots of time perusing sites like Stone Lantern lately. It’s devoted entirely to bonsai and Ikebana (that means Japanese flower arranging, in case you, like us until about a week ago, didn’t know). You’ll find teeny little shears, lime sulfur for preserving deadwood, and tons of interesting reading materials. There is even gear, like ball caps and tees, so you can let everyone know you’re on the 10-century-old bandwagon.

See, we’re old enough that we’re getting interested in pursuing ancient, solitary art, but we’re young enough that we still want to look hip doing it. Care to join us?

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