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Outdated Electronics = Recycled Art Treasure

April 26, 2012 / Fun & Favorites

Who can forget the days of cassettes, VHS tapes and floppy disks? We all probably have some laying around taking up space in our closets and attics with a broken old computer and a clunky VCR to match. Whether they’re there because we can’t let them go or we forgot about them is another story (perhaps a spring cleaning blog) but one man is on a mission to recycle and reuse these once loved items and reformat them into recycled art treasures – meet alternative artist Nick Gentry.

We absolutely adore the fact that he re-uses everything from recycled computer “junk” to so called “useless” audio and video cassettes. Nick, a London based artist, shows his “green side” with an art project that only uses outdated and obsolete electronics to make a truly unique style of art. He paints over and manipulates these deceased materials to create cyberpunk portraits that still embody their original 80’s and 90’s flare.

So the next time you find that copy of the Goonies on VHS in your closet sitting next to an AOL CD install disk – remember Nick Gentry and don’t be so afraid to give it a new purpose in art and life!

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