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The Layered Look

April 16, 2012 / Design Tips

Here’s something we’ve been liking lately; the look of layered artwork. Several pieces are diplayed together, overlapping one another. This is most often done on a shelf, table, or mantle, but it looks terrific on the wall as well. The point is to group several things you really love: it shows not only your eye for art but is a nod to the depth of your collection, as well.

This look is delightfully simple to pull together on your own. Choose a theme, like family photos, kids artwork, or nature scenes. Or the theme can be more visual than subject-matter, like reds or shapes. Then trace each piece onto newspaper and try “hanging” them in different configurations until you find one you like. (Or, if they’re going on a shelf, just try combinations until you find the one you like best.) With this layered style, less is very often more, so be careful not to put too many together or overlap so much that the art itself is obscured.

At Green Box, we’ve made it super-straightforward to select a grouping. You can narrow your search by color, artist, or theme. It’s a way to gather an instant collection of items that have an eclectic connection.


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