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May 14, 2012 / Fun & Favorites

A muddy, springtime floor is not too pleasant. Fortunately, browsing new welcome mats is pretty pleasant, especially given this year’s crop, which have a terrific range of styles and fabrics.

For a charming, cottagey look we like this vulcanized rubber mat. It looks like iron and has a very sweet flower pattern. It’s available in all sorts of patterns, including ones that look like wrought-iron fences.

The PVC owl is just funny, in an understated way. It’s super-absorbant on muddy boots and shoes, and this little guy looks like he’s got something important on his mind, to keep guests guessing.

Have you seen these LED mats before? We haven’t, but they strike us as so beautifully obvious that it’s a wonder they aren’t on every third or fourth doorstep. Pretty smart for the approaching summer nights, don’t you think?

And then there’s our perennial favorite, which in some years is hard to find: Hi I’m Mat. It pretty much guarantees that everyone who enters your home will do so with a smile on his or her face.

And that’s enough to brighten up even the rainiest, muddiest day.

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