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Pastel Power

May 21, 2012 / Design Tips

We like it when clothing trends are easy to add to our wardrobe, which is why we like trendy colors better than trendy items. A new tie or scarf or even jacket is a lot easier to justify than a pair of parachute pants or a bat-wing-sleeved top.

So we’re completely committed to this spring’s trend: pastel. For men, this can translate into a pop of pastel, like the aforementioned tie in a sky blue or a polo shirt in soft pink.

For women, a scarf is always low-commitment, high-impact, but how about a mint green sheath dress or a yellow leather bag?

There’s a fine line between pastel punctuation and Easter-egg-ville, so the old reminder to remove one thing before leaving the house may be a good one to heed this season.

Of course, you’ll want your inside to be as on-trend as your outside, as far as your house is concerned. So browse our pastel canvas wall art, because this is the season to be Awash in Pastels!

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