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Your favorite Art as Digitally Selectable Wallpaper!

May 24, 2012 / Design Tips, Fun & Favorites

What if you could you customize your living room wall paper with your favorite Andy Anh Ha art? Or perhaps you want to update your bedroom walls with newly created pieces from Flora Bowley or Deborah Brenner? Well friends, this futuristic technology has finally arrived!

Well, not exactly but it is being developed and tested and is available in a scaled down version as we speak. This interactive wallpaper is being called ‘Surfaces’ and was created by the technology company NSD. Right now you’re able to set the wallpaper to display multiple television channels such as the news in the center view, your favorite episode of the Brady Bunch on the left and last night’s DVR’d American Idol on the right.

Sound divine? Well how about we take this concept one step further? We’re thinking that with all of these selections and enhancements it might be a better concept to allow art to be displayed instead of a boring rerun to inspire some intelligent thought and creativity, right?! Why not set your walls to display a “Rising Sea Surf” by Amy Genser or brighten up the kitchen with “Bold Floral – Blue and Lime” by Steve Haskamp?

Really, the possibilities are endless and maybe we’ll even check with NSD to see if GreenBox Art could be available in a downloadable format to project across your entire house one day soon. Now that’s an idea!

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