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Modern Home Decor Starts at the Front Door

June 2, 2012 / Design Tips, Uncategorized

When you walk in the front door, you need a place to take a deep breath, and exhale that sigh of relief to be home. Maybe a place to set your keys, kick off your shoes, and hang your hat. A home’s entryway should be described as inviting. It’s the first impression your guests have of your home, and the first step in your evening routine of transitioning from work life to home life.

An entryway is meant to reflect your style, and represent the character of the rest of your home. New choices in modern home decor just keep coming, and it is amazing the plethora of options that can make your home the haven you crave.

You may like it minimal: open, clean, and spacious. Put everything in a coat closet, out of sight, and place some bold, simplistic stretched canvas art on the wall. Try Andy Anh Ha, Joe Kievitt, or Jean-Francois Debongnie.

Some may want to open the door to color and personality: choose a fun vintage catch-all like this old sewing table found on Kaboodle, or paint your own find from a flea market. Make your walls happy with colorful canvas art by Eli Halpin, Angelo Franco, or Caroline Wright.

Sleek, but eclectic – why settle on one label? Open your door to an apothecary chest like this one found on Decorpad, a rustic storage console  or branch coat rack from West Elm, or a vibrant console table surrounded by colorful accents. Flora Bowley‘s aptly named Bliss Like This is a perfect fit in this room above a striking lime green table. Other entryway-esque stretched canvas art that doesn’t quite fit the mold can be found in the collections of Melissa Matsuki Lillie, Amy Genser, and groupings by Rachel Austin.

Don’t be shy – show your personal style. Just like sometimes you can get a hint about a book from its cover, your foyer can offer a peek into the story of your home.

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