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Nice Nails, Ombre!

July 19, 2012 / Fun & Favorites

Hold on, hold on: we have finally mastered the art of the home manicure and amassed the requisite products. We have the soaking bowl and fluffy towel on stand-by, as well as all manner of lotions and potions for setting the scene of a perfect naked nail. We have the tools and files and clippers and–well, you get it. We have a lot of stuff that helps us get the salon look without the salon price (not an original phrase, but it’s the truth!).

So this season’s nails are throwing us for a little bit of a loop. We can only susect that nail professionals got together and said “all these clients are doing their own nails with their lotions and potions and such; let’s start a trend they cannot possibly re-create at home so they need to come back to us.”

At least, that’s our impression of the ombre nail trend, where an individual nail subtly changes color from bed to tip. It’s been around for a couple of seasons now, because when it’s done right, it is pretty amazing-looking. However, when it’s done wrong, yeesh. Talk about amateurish! We’ve tried this, and our nails ended up looking like they belonged to a kid who tie-dyed a shirt a week or two ago.

There are a few good tutorials out there, so we’re not giving up yet. Thankfully, there’s also a trend of doing each nail a different color, light to dark, on the same hand. This involves 5 different polishes, and it’s kind of cheating, but it still looks cool. It was invented, no doubt, by someone who has had as much luck re-creating this look at home as we have!


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