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Modern Home Decor Energy Savers – Window Coverings

August 30, 2012 / Design Tips

Whether your intent is to help save the world, save some of your hard earned money each month, or simply have more control over your home’s temperature, there’s a multitude of benefits from simple home-efficiency improvements. Making tweaks to your current living space can save some serious bucks when added up throughout the year.

We’re currently focused on finding efficient window coverings to keep the cool in and the heat out and vice versa, depending on the time of year. According to www.energysavers.gov, window draperies can reduce summer heat gains by up to 33% and winter heat loss by up to 25% if installed and maintained properly. So, draperies not only add striking style to your living space, they serve a noble purpose in the pursuit of energy efficiency.

In your quest to find the perfect drapes for your needs, you’ll find there are different levels of insulation properties. From sheers to blackout drapes, each option offers a level of light filtration and privacy to suit many purposes. Websites like www.halfpricedrapes.com and www.theshadestore.com offer clear level indicators for light control, privacy, and efficiency.

Luckily, style doesn’t have to suffer for this energy saving addition to any living area. Drapes can bring a dramatic dose of color or a punchy pattern that really livens up a room. We love the look of traditional drapes with artwork for the home by Eli Halpin. Or how about a modern geometric pattern to pair with some bold Eleanor Grosch canvas wall art? Don’t forget to consider tiebacks for your drapes. Fun options include these from Urban Outfitters, or try your hand at some DIY tiebacks.

So, when looking for a practical way to spice up your living space, consider adding drapes for a clean style addition, or bold statement making kick – and save a little money while you’re at it!

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