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Give Us a Ring! (please!)

August 13, 2012 / Fun & Favorites

OK fine. We don’t get our personal jet packs or hovercars here in the 21st century. We can handle it.

But this, we really, really want. It’s the ORB, and we started hearing about it way back in 2009. It’s a teeny-tiny Bluetooth headset that hooks on the ear. When you’re not using it to talk, it becomes the ultimate conversation piece. Just twist the hinge and it becomes a ring that spring-adjusts to any finger. And, get this, there’s something called a Flexible Organic Light Emitting Device (FOLED), which is a ticker-tape style screen that displays caller ID, calendar reminders, and voice-to-text information while it’s on your finger!

This was originally scheduled to launch in January of 2010, and–hello!–we are still waiting. We will trade you 2 jet packs and 3 hovercars for just one ORB.

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