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Yes Neckpiece NE-14 Photo © Margaux Lange

Barbie Dreams

September 10, 2012 / Fun & Favorites

Do you love this Barbie necklace as much as we do? We came across this artist, Margaux Lange, recently, and we’re more than a little obsessed. She takes old Barbie Dolls and turns them into actual, bona-fide art. Take a minute to check out her site and you’ll see what we mean. She reuses just about every part–from the iconic ring to that iconic pair of, um, you-know-whats. It’s amazing.

That got us thinking–who else is doing Barbie jewelry? Turns out, there are other options for the Barbie-obsessed (or the simply nostalgic).

Check out this Dream House ring. We’d have a terribly hard time deciding; wear it closed like a giant pink jewel, or open on two fingers like the greatest brass knuckles ever?

Another ring is this 1950s silhouette. It’s very retro, even for an already-retro theme, and the black band is adorable.

If you’re very brave, this necklace made of shoes is fun. Each one is different, and if we had the inclination and the know-how we could probably create our own just by going through the old boxes we’ve unhelpfully left in our parents’ attic. You see, Mom and Dad? We told you not to throw any of those boxes away.


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