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House Numbers – Functional Contemporary Wall Art

September 13, 2012 / Design Tips, Uncategorized

The importance of your house’s street number visibility goes far beyond an outlet for personal style and contemporary wall art. We all know that the Fire Department, Police, Mailpersons, delivery drivers, etc. have got to clearly see your house number from the street. So, take it as an opportunity to personalize it, and really make a statement with your digit décor. When passers-by see your house numbers, functional contemporary wall art, it’s viewed as merely another outlet where you’ve expressed your style.

Luckily, these days there’s a multitude of house number options available for everyone from the modern minimalist to the classic craftsman. This small detail can be given major thought and draw compliments from your visitors for the custom contemporary wall art that it is.

When it comes to number fonts, just like all art, the ones you’re drawn to will be personal. Available on the market, there’s modern, mission style, retro, art deco, and historic (to name a few). There are also plenty of DIY possibilities with found antique numbering, artificial turf numbers mounted on your choice of surface, this cool nail art idea, and of course hand-painted.

Not only are the style options nearly endless, there are tons of ways to display your street number. Be it on a large, lovely tree, mailbox, or in your yard on a post- your front door is far from the only place to keep the number visible from the street.

Regardless of your choice for personalizing this outdoor accent, remember its real purpose and it will draw exactly the kind of attention you want drawn to your abode.

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