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It’s Time to Expand Your Wall Clock Home Décor

September 28, 2012 / Design Tips, Uncategorized

Clocks that will Stand the Test of Time in Home Décor

When it comes to personalizing your walls and your home, there are endless options that will enliven your space. We know we’re biased, but stretched canvas art really can transform a room. Additionally, there’s another wall décor accent that is not only an attractive feature, but serves a practical purpose as well. Wall clock home décor has always, and will continue to stand the test of time in artwork for the home.

Sometimes forgotten articles in modern home décor, wall clocks are wonderful additions and great conversation starters. Just like our canvas wall art can be chosen to specifically distinguish your style and personality, there are wall clocks out there that you will love and want to show off right next to your fine art. Below are some of our finds, and suggested canvas wall art pairings. But, again, your style sets the stage for tons of possibilities.

I. Ornate Antique: Vintage Warehouse Clock from Restoration Hardware with “Shows Off What Shows Up” by Jessica Robbins for GreenBox Art + Culture
II. Eclectic Classic: Abigail Wall Clock from Z Gallerie with “Patriotic Patterns – Cool” by Jennifer Hill for GreenBox Art + Culture
III. Crisp & Modern: Metal Gear Clock from Z Gallerie with “The Glory in Us” by Mark Lawrence for GreenBox Art + Culture
IV. Retro Bold: Nelson Polygon Clock from Design Within Reach with “Mod Dog Shadow” by Eleanor Grosch for GreenBox Art + Culture

And don’t forget to look for antiques and classics that will undoubtedly bring a personal element to a traditional or modern home. Grandfather clocks, grandmother clocks, and cuckoo clocks are all popular choices throughout history. This lovely image from Desire To Inspire shows a beautiful entryway featuring a classic grandfather clock. Flora Bowley’s “Cocoon” stretched canvas art would be very complimentary to this traditional look. These fashionable décor additions can be treasured and passed down as family heirlooms for generations. Wouldn’t you love to see what modern home décor your great-great grandchildren would pair with your beloved grandfather clock?

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