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Homes Seeking: Oversize Canvas Wall Art

October 4, 2012 / Design Tips

Personal Ads from Different Styles of Homes

Contemporary Home Seeks Dramatic, Oversize Canvas Wall Art

Contemporary home seeks stylish canvas wall art that will bring the drama. Yes, you heard correctly: D-R-A-M-A. I’m looking for a companion that doesn’t fear standing out from the crowd and making a scene. My idea of perfect artwork for the home is something that’s bold, beautiful, and takes up a lot of space – oversize canvas wall art, if you will. My style is very important to me, so I want a partner that will fit in perfectly with the life I live. Things may change around you, because I need to remain current- it’s my passion. However, I’ll need you to be timelessly chic. These are some big shoes to fill, but I know “the one” is out there.
We suggest: Shadows Cast West by Caroline Wright

Traditional Home has Broken Heart over Large Empty Wall Space

I’m a traditional sort of individual, but I like to think my style is classic. When looking for companions to share my space, I insist upon only including lasting ones that will reflect my befitting design. However, I do have a large space that I’m finding difficult to fill due to its size. While I enjoy commonly smaller items on the whole, I believe it’s time for me to branch out in the area of wall art decor. What I’m trying to say is, I need strong, oversize canvas wall art to fill this empty void in my life – on my wall.
We suggest: Abstract Wilderness by Angelo Franco

Minimalist Home Seeks “The One”

That’s right, I only need one. I like my space bare and clean, but something is missing. My wall is too stark, but I am very particular. I do not want lots of little things mucking up my walls- I know many others like that sort of thing, but it’s simply not for me. I want bold, oversize canvas wall art to add the one finishing touch I’m looking for. And, then…my life will be complete.
We suggest: Turquoise Vertical Line Series by Andy Anh Ha

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