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October 29, 2012 / Fun & Favorites

HALLOWEEN PUMPKINS Elevated to fine art

an intriguing twist on the standard jack-o-lantern.

Have you seen this pumpkin art by Villafane Studios? The carving is incredible and the detail is so fine that it makes us feel a little sorry for these squash heads, especially the ones with splitting headaches. These examples are inspiring us to try something new this year and leave the time-honored grinning jack-o-lantern to the kids.

Personally, we can only admire these Villafane Studios creations–we could never even dream of attempting to recreate them. But we have found a few ways to elevate our own pumpkin art.

These painted, black-and-white pumpkins seem pretty straightforward, using just two colors of paint and either a steady hand or well-placed stencils. Anything from patterns to branches to a face or a scene is an artistic possibility here.

Another idea is to stick with the standard idea of lights and carving, but to create an artistic pattern instead of the familiar face. This pearl-style one is pretty, and there are lots of other ideas we can envision, like fall leaves or even small cookie-cutter shapes and letters.

We’re challenging ourselves this year to turn pumpkin carving into pumpkin art–a definite treat that doesn’t have to be, well, tricky.


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