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Mix and Match No. 1

The Art of Mix and Match

October 11, 2012 / Design Tips, Uncategorized

Artwork has to speak to you, only then can it find a place in your home. GreenBox Art + Culture seeks contemporary wall art for our line that evokes feeling and mood in art lovers searching to bring color to their walls. With so much variety, it can be tough to decide on just one. In fact, we encourage you to think outside the box, and turn your wall into a gallery. Mix and match our artwork by finding what you love, without feeling the need to only stick with one artist. While many artists have multiple pieces that work beautifully together, there are also tons of choices that work perfectly together by combining multiple artists’ works.

Look for your ideal color palette, subject matter, or size/layout to get your collection going. By grouping art, your walls go from being just the backdrop to the starring feature. While GreenBox tends to provide artwork on the more colorful side, there are plenty of options in the black & white and photography genres added in our latest collections.

Be sure to use our search tools to help you narrow down your choices. We have products categorized by “theme”, and also by “color”. The color options show up under “Color” on the left side of the screen on our store page. Be bold, be brave, and be colorful.

Mix and Match No. 1 – Bold Floral – Marigold and Pink by Steve Haskamp. View From Above by Creative Thursday by Marisa. Columns by Todd Clark. Blue Birds by Amy Paul. Creamery by Stephanie Corfee.

Mix and Match No. 2 – Artwork by Andy Anh Ha. Artwork by Eli Halpin. Artwork by Flora Bowley. Artwork by Rachel Austin. Artwork by Gordon Hopkins. Artwork by Midori McCabe. Artwork by Angelo Franco. Artwork by Deborah Brenner. Artwork by Sally Bennett. Artwork by Donna Ingemanson.

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