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Wine Cork Art

October 1, 2012 / Design Tips

Fall means thick sweaters and good wine with friends. We love the whole ethos of wine culture, the vineyards and colorful leaves and hand-hewn wooden tables set up in fields with mismatched, vintage chairs (we maybe have been reading too many home decor magazines, we confess). And we love wine art, as evidenced by the bottle-themed wall art we offer on our site. That’s why we’re psyched this year to try our hand at Wine Cork Art.

It’s the ideal way to recycle those wine corks into something that’s usable and fun.

Cork magnets are so easy to make! We split the cork so the brand name would show, making these an interesting way to display a collection.

These wine charms are clever. One cork provides 4 or 5 of these crowd-pleasing glass-organizers. An eye screw and letter stamp completes the set. Personalize them for your guests or use the alphabet or numbers for a reusable set.

Another outstanding idea is the monogram. This starts with a craft-store letter, then adds on corks that are set in place with strong glue. It makes a really cool door wreath.

This final one is our favorite–a wine cork bath mat! it looks terrific and it’s just over-the-top enough to really impress people. For this you might need to ask a local restaurant to help out by saving their used corks for awhile.

So drink up and toast to fine wine and fine art. A terrific combination.



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