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Artwork and Fabric by Annette Tatum

Fabric Featuring Art by GreenBox Artists

November 29, 2012 / Artist at Work, Design Tips

Artists have a vision, and we love to view those visions. Some artists of the GreenBox Art + Culture collection have their artwork on different surfaces so that you can bring their art into many parts of your life. We are undeniably partial to enjoying their creations at eye-level as wall art. But, another medium many artists have graced their talents with is cloth. We’ve run across quite a few websites that offer fabric featuring art by GreenBox artists.

Whether you are a DIYer, or you’re just looking for the perfect fabric to have something made to accent your interior design, you’ll find that some of these fabrics plus our artwork are a match made in décor heaven!

Here are some of our recent finds with links to our artists’ collections in our line + their fabric offerings.

Annette Tatum and her fabric collection on her website www.annettetatum.com

Carter Carpin and her fabric collection in her Etsy shop 

Creative Thursday by Marisa and her fabric collection The Red Thread

Eleanor Grosch and her fabric collection Mixteca

Linda Ketelhut and her fabric collection on her website www.lindaketelhut.com

Paula Prass and her fabric collection on Show & Tell

Stephanie Corfee and her fabric collection with Spoonflower

Steve Haskamp and his fabric collection Picked Sweet

Valentina Ramos and her fabric collection on Spoonflower



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