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Red and Blue Canvas Wall Art

November 5, 2012 / Design Tips

Now that the election’s nearly over, we can ask:

Blue or Red?

No, not your vote, or even which way your state votes. We’re an art company, remember? We’re talking about home decor:

red and blue canvas wall art!

Since we’re all about making your walls look their best, we’ve made it extra easy to match what you’ve got or add to a theme. Just click “Shop” and then organize by “Color.” You’ll be able to click on the color you’re after in order to see a whole variety of canvas fine art in that color family.

If you’re going for blue, your choices run from abstract to aquatic to representational. For instance, Evolving by Flora Bowley is an abstract of deep, contrasting blues with a collection of birds in the corner.

Rising Sea Surf by Amy Eisenfeld Genser is a collage of swirling blue hues, while Palampore Tree by Andrew Daniel depicts a riotous tree with blue as its overall focus, thanks to the sky and birds.

Blue Design Lotus by Andy Anh Ha is all about blue, with its simple white background and arresting blue lotus blossom.

And if red’s your thing, we’ve got you covered there, too. In fact, the Lotus is available in red–consider pairing the two versions to shake up the politics of color on your walls.

Another red is Poppies on Red by Rachel Austin. It’s bright and graphic and unabashedly red.

Red Pears by Judith Jarcho is a scrumptious still-life and Fire by Michelle Hinebrook is a gorgeous, abstract kaleidoscope of red and purples.

Mix them, match them, put your red and blue canvas wall art with yellow and green and peach and gray. We make it easy by offering a color-coded option on our site.

Of course, you can always show your patriotism with one piece that says it all: Christopher Ross’s gorgeous American Flag.

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