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Tyson Anthony Roberts’ Continual Movement

November 15, 2012 / Artist at Work

Rojo Projects: Tyson Anthony Roberts’ Body of Work

Landscape artist Tyson Anthony Roberts does things his way, and with a purpose. Make that two purposes: to make nice pictures and create a “feedback loop”, according to his recent feature on rojoprojects.co. And make no mistake – his superb, unique style hasn’t come without effort. He admits to really finding his painting methods through challenging himself to experiment with new styles, the study of art history, and failed paintings along with persistence to create something new that seems familiar.

In this interesting article surrounding Tyson’s practices as an artist, you’ll find that he’s actually very methodical in creating his works of art. While his feedback loop most likely functions as a smooth mental motion, it is no less of a necessary stepping-stone in his process. He confides that his methods of landscape portrayal are in many ways unexplainable, despite the familiarity he’s able to still evoke in his works.

Tyson Anthony Roberts’ use of modern methods and stark representation of landscapes is a breath of fresh air for those viewers looking for comfort in a familiar subject matter in their art, but with a direction of bold ingenuity. While familiar to the viewer, he hopes to present the scenes as if they’re in constant transition. “It is through this idea of continual movement by which my work suggests that the places we know are always changing, whether we are ready or not.”


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