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National List of Best Neighborhood Light Displays

December 13, 2012 / Events, Fun & Favorites

Thank you, Redfin! We searched and searched to find a compilation of the best holiday light displays out there across the country, and Redfin has delivered. We know our loyal customers reside from sea to shining sea, so we wanted to spread the word of nearby neighborhoods that would be worth the trek this holiday season to take in some festive light-seeing! We luckily stumbled upon Redfin’s national list of best neighborhood light displays.

If you’re like us, you view the holiday season as a fleeting time where you want to cram in all the fun and holiday happiness you and your brood can stand. Putting up your own traditional holiday decorations is a fun project that can take up the better part of a Saturday, and also a lot of your blood, sweat, and tears. Celebrate all your hard work by enjoying others’ efforts. Heck, enjoy others’ efforts with no hard work this year if you don’t feel like it! There’s no rule that says you must outdo your neighbor in the holiday decorations department.

These are simply the “top” five neighborhoods, decided by Redfin, the neighborhood gurus:

1. Brooklyn, NY – Dyker Heights

2. Baltimore, MD – Miracle on 34th Street

3. Portland, OR – Peacock Lane

4. Austin, TX – 37th Street

5. Philadelphia, PA – South 13th Street

Check out Redfin’s blog, or simply Google “light displays” with the name of your city for a good place to start! It’s fun for the whole family, and a great distraction on these winter nights when it gets dark so early, you want to head to bed at 7:00 PM!


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