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Colorful Desktop Wallpaper 08 by Agnes Pierscieniak

Brighten Your Day with a Colorful Desktop Wallpaper

January 23, 2013 / Artist at Work, Fun & Favorites

If your weekdays consist of long hours looking at a computer screen, you may be in need of some light in your life. No matter how rewarding your work may be, it never hurts to add sunshine and happiness through color to your daily surroundings. A simple step in getting a refresh from the daily grind is adding a colorful desktop wallpaper to your inanimate work partner.

You may already be a huge fan of Agnes Pierscieniak like we are, but if you aren’t familiar with her style – check it out pronto! Her artwork will transport you to a desirable place, be it a sunny Cabo beach, or an evergreen wooded escape full of shadows and light. Based on her sunny days in LA, she creates her artwork by collecting shadows and playing with color.

Bring a daily dose of Vitamin C(olor) to your work-life surroundings. Even a mental escape to someplace far away can bring peace to your everyday chaos. Download these free colorful desktop wallpapers, No. 07 and No. 08, by Agnes Pierscieniak from her blog Bigger, Brighter, Bolder Color Your World and make your life a little more artful.

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