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January 2, 2013 / Fun & Favorites

GreenBox Art + Culture loves design! We love it so much, that’s practically all we think about. Looking for fabulous items to surround yourself with and make your home beautiful makes us tick! Therefore, Pinterest is not only a pastime for us, it’s turned into a way of life. We look at our popular pins from Pinterest to see what inspires you. Not only do we strive to inspire you, we look to you to inspire us.

With all these ideas and pretty pictures, Pinterest is not only an inspirational paradise, it’s downright fun! You can find DIYs, room designs, color combos, and interior design ideas you’ve never dreamed of. We also love all the entertaining ideas and recipes, but just wish we had time to try them all!

We find our most popular pins of interiors lean toward a modern vibe. Our “Modern Living Room” pin has the appeal of a wide open space and no clutter. The white, gray, and chrome used throughout the space is clean and relaxing. We would recommend some canvas wall art from Andy Anh Ha to warm up this room, while keeping it modern and simple. “Nook” is also a more modern space, but definitely a cozy one! A cluster of Eleanor Grosch’s small, graphic works in a warm modern color palette would keep the style of this small space warm and inviting. These two pins come from our “For the Home” and “Simple Solutions” boards, respectively.

With boards featuring “Outdoor Living” to “Plant Life“, we seek out many aspects of a design-happy lifestyle.  Our “Gallery Walls” board is very helpful in lending creative inspiration for wall art layout, and gallery style wall decor with other personal objects. With these boards along with our featured artist boards and stretched art offerings, you’d better believe that once again, we’ve got your walls covered.


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