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Blue Canvas Wall Art to Chase Away the Winter Blues

February 22, 2013 / Design Tips

To battle the blues and blahs that can sometimes come along in the winter, liven up your space with a sea of blue hues. Shades of blue have been known to evoke a sense of calm and relaxation when used to decorate a room. While blue touches can be added throughout the decor of the room from wall color, to rugs, to drapes, blue canvas wall art gives the eye a place to rest in the room and will draw more than just a relaxed feeling from its viewers.

Start by finding your perfect artwork in a shade of blue, or even pieces with only a tiny speck of blue! The way the blue is carried throughout the room will create the atmosphere you’re looking for. Pick a full room of blue decor for a vibrant sea of tranquility, or strategic splashes of turquoise or cobalt for an injection of serenity. We’ve rounded up some gorgeous accents in shades of teal, turquoise, and navy along with a lovely blue canvas wall art pairing to fit in to a multitude of living space styles. Start with a work of art that speaks to you and takes you to that place of peacefulness, be it a seaside escape or a wintry wonderland, and keep your eyes peeled for finds to add to the mix.

Once you open your eyes to hues of blue, you’ll be amazed at how just the right shade can fit into your existing decor. Or, maybe you’ll be inspired to make your surroundings a pool of blue, floor to ceiling awash in cerulean.


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