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Do You Fondue?

February 12, 2013 / Fun & Favorites

Cliche? Check. Throwback? Check. Fun and delicious? Check and check! Yes, fondue has a reputation for being”cheesy”, but it’s time to take it back to the start. Cheesy is the idea, but with Gruyere and Emmental, if you please. If you’re drawing a blank on Valentines ideas this year, try this on for size

Fondue is the quasi-forgotten pastime that brings friends and family close, to find delight in swirling delicious bits of dippers into your choice of velvety sauce. Thank you, Switzerland! This Valentine’s Day, don’t bother fighting the crowds to squeeze in a romantic dinner at some fancy restaurant. They are all full of couples with the same idea, taking reservations at 9 and 10 o’clock because the restaurant’s completely booked all evening. Now who’s cliche?

If you’re looking for a way to embark on a new tradition, try fondue this Valentine’s Day. The two of you will find it romantic, ensuring a fun interactive dinner; or the kids can join in and make it an enjoyable family affair. A simple, classic Cheese Fondue recipe will please everyone- especially when choosing dippers! Select your favorite breads, blanched fresh veggies, roasted baby potatoes, and cured meats. The ingredients of the fondue are key- choose an appropriate wine or beer to add to the cheese, and make that your accompanying beverage for this portion. Cornstarch is the source of the velvety texture, keeping the cheese nice and smooth.

Then, finish off the night with a delectable Chocolate Fondue – sure to bring a satisfied smile to everyone at the table. For Chocolate Fondue dippers, the sky’s the limit! Try cubes of pound cake, fresh fruit, your favorite cookies, pretzels, marshmallows (how about peppermint flavored!), or even… bacon! The gang will love experimenting and trying fun ingredient ideas with the whole family. Maybe you’ll get some new favorite combos.

So, of course, with every fun pursuit, there are always matters of etiquette. You know the drill- no double dipping, no dribbling from the pot to your mouth, don’t dip with your fingers, and no dropping items into the abyss (this will cost you a round of drinks- according to tradition!) But, you can handle all that. Don’t forget a special bottle of bubbly to start the night… and Voila! Let the fondue fun begin!

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