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Style How You Like: Modern or Traditional Decor

February 1, 2013 / Design Tips

Artwork should speak to a person and evoke a mood or feeling – personally to each of us. We all have our own style, our own taste, and a will to surround ourselves with what we think is beautiful. At GreenBox Art + Culture, we let the artwork speak for itself, and hope you find works that suit who you are. We don’t want our art to be perceived as one particular style, it can find a home in various types of settings, however you see fit. We’d like to give an example of thinking differently about our art by showing Amy Paul’s beautiful artwork in two unique settings, as modern or traditional decor.

Our modern example has an unconventional color choice for the sofa and modern lines in the overhead lighting, as well as the floor lamp. The bold graphics on the rug are eye catching while its color palette is harmonious with the grays in the wall color and wall art. We’re showing a grouping of similarly themed canvas wall art by Amy Paul that lend themselves to modern decor and have a bold, dark quality to keep the look edgy. Metal and wood accents on the side table bring an industrial and geometric style addition.

A traditional room is also a perfect setting for artwork by Amy Paul. Little Birds Big World is a Mural that Sticks in a size 54×54, which makes a gorgeous statement against a beige wall color. When keeping the main pieces of the room, such as the sofa and rug, in more neutral shades, it creates a calm and classic space. A chandelier type overhead light is an elegant accent that brings glamour to the room without taking away comfort. Opting for a solid wood pedestal side table gives you a very versatile piece of furniture that will be a favorite for many years. An ottoman is perfect for a family setting acting as a foot rest or coffee table when needed. Lastly, this floor lamp is a bold piece of furniture in chocolate to be a chameleon for whatever decor you may transition to.

Regardless of your current personal style and taste, don’t let it limit your choices in artwork for the home. If a piece of wall art decor speaks to you, own that piece of art and make it work with your surroundings. All it takes is your happiness and fondness of your possessions to create harmonious home decor.

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