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Celebrate With Your Family This Earth Day 2013

April 19, 2013 / Events

Our earth is a big place – HUGE! When faced with the changes happening all over our planet, it can seem a bit overwhelming. However, getting your kids interested and excited to learn about the world they live in can be simple and fun! Yes, there is a lot to learn – for the rest of our lives! But, take baby steps with your children to get them acquainted with the world right outside their doorstep. Look for events in your community to celebrate and work hard this Earth Day 2013 on April 22nd.

If you and your family get to travel, remind your children about the different climates and landscapes you’ve visited. Your own town may have a beach and a desert very nearby! On car trips, you’re unfortunately sure to see some litter and other evidence of people being careless with their surroundings. What a wonderful opportunity to encourage being responsible!

While your little ones may see and realize the damage that we can easily do to our lovely surroundings, they may not know how to help or prevent it. Earth Day is a perfect time to join a group in a cleanup effort in your neighborhood, a park, or beach. When even a small group joins together (like your family!) big changes can happen quickly. Search for events and group gatherings online for trash pickup and cleanup in your community.

Some other simple ways to get your kids involved in Earth Day 2013:

  1. Reuse and recycle plastic bags, and carry reusable totes to the store.
  2. Learn about your community’s recycle programs if you’re not already participating.
  3. Walk or ride a bike whenever you safely can instead of using your car.
  4. Pull weeds in the yard and garden instead of using herbicides.
  5. Plant a tree!

Remind them how fun it is to swim in clean water, play in a clean park, and walk down a clean sidewalk. Now, listen to their ideas on how to celebrate Earth Day 2013!

Source: Earth Day Network

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