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Modern Nautical Room Décor for Your Beach House

Nautical Room Décor for Your Beach House

April 30, 2013 / Design Tips

It’s easy to go “overboard” in the nautical décor department. If you own a beach house or are lucky enough to live near the ocean, it’s simply expected to have at least a touch of marine accents throughout your home. Whether your home accessories are personal collections from antique shops, articles you’ve found washed up on shore, or fun and quirky ocean themed finds, we’ve got the wall décor to perfectly fit your nautical room décor for your beach house.

With traditional beach house décor, you should have no trouble finding salty seafaring accents that will blend flawlessly just based on theme. There’s such a general and pleasing color scheme in the nautical world that the majority of antiques and common nautical fare seem to be made to all go together. We’ve put together a board with traditional pieces to create inviting nautical room décor for your beach house to ensure no one will forget their goal of vacationing: to feel comfortable and relax. Brass and bronze fixtures pair perfectly with needlepoint pillows and our classic ocean themed artwork by Jack Dickerson.

1. Traditional Nautical Wall Art by Jack Dickerson 2. Bristol Bay Sunset Bronze Chandelier 3. Whale Tale Door Knocker 4. Ship Pillow & Anchor Pillow

For a crisper, more modern take on nautical room décor for your beach house, we’re drawn to graphic prints and clean lines. Quirky items that seem old-fashioned get an updated look with a coat of paint, like this mermaid wall hook. A traditional nautical light fixture is perfectly modern in a fresh aqua color, while a knotted rug in modern hues brings interest to the floor and continues the modern nautical look. Our artwork picks for this modern style include Eleanor Grosch‘s mid-century modern styled sea birds along with Cory McBee‘s contemporary graphic of an antique ship.

1. Seagull + Pelican by Eleanor Grosch & Come Sail With Me by Cory McBee 2. Assembly 3 Light Chandelier 3. Mermaid Anchor Wall Hook 4. Yellow Rope Rug

Finally, a gentleman wants to feel like the captain of his ship and quarters, so we’ve found some masculine nautical room décor for your beach house that’ll keep your room looking sophisticated and seaworthy. Keeping with darker shades of gray, white and silver accents will keep the look from being too dark. Dark wood continues the “old ship” feel and keeps the look classic. We recommend Danny Englander’s photography artwork to evoke an elegant maritime style that’s timeless and powerful. Paired with sleek accents and monochromatic textiles, this nautical room décor for your beach house is a handsome package.

1. Nautical Rigging Oversize Wall Mural by Danny Englander 2. Ship’s Hourglass 3. Maritime Charcoal Alpaca Throw 4. Rhoorkie Campaign Chair

Regardless of your style, we’re certain you’ll find your ocean themed artwork “soulmatey” to perfectly complete your nautical room décor for your beach house at GreenBox Art + Culture. Be sure to follow our Pinterest board “Nautical Room Décor for Your Beach House” !

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