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Whimsical Bird Themed Artwork for the Home

Bird Themed Artwork for the Home

May 15, 2013 / Design Tips

A bird is known by its feathers.

Maybe it’s their symbol of freedom, or maybe it’s their feathers or song – something makes us love birds. Birds have long been a favorite in modern and classic home decor. While you can find textiles, ceramics, accessories galore filled with birds, bird themed artwork for the home is an added touch that can take your room in the modern, classic, or even rustic direction that is uniquely your style. Silhouettes, realistic depictions, and abstract interpretations of birds all have their place in contemporary bird themed artwork for the home.

GreenBox Art + Culture is drawn to artwork full of color and life. We find works that serve as starting points for your entire room’s decor and color palette, offering the perfect focal point for your wall. See a piece of artwork that speaks to you, then your room will fall into place around it. Birds have proven to be a popular theme in our current contemporary art choices. We continuously find images we love with birds as the subject, and there’s no expected decline in this fascination.

We’ve rounded up a sampling of our bird themed artwork for the home to give you some direction based on style. First, we’ve gathered some of our more whimsical art featuring birds that are sure to bring a smile to your face. OneAnna Todaro’s “Bluebird” features and angelic creature with a soft color palette. TwoLinda Ketelhut’s “Vintage Birdhouse” would go perfectly in a vintage, eclectic room. ThreeAngela Donato’s “Love Bird Pennant”  brings a feminine touch to its surroundings. FourShelly Kennedy’s “Welcome to Our Nest” will be right at home on your walls, making guests feel more than welcome.

Some of our abstract art choices featured here will bring color and a little wildness to your walls. OneAlberto Cerriteno’s “Chattering” has a neutral color palette, with a funky collection of patterned birds. TwoCarter Carpin’s “Patchwork Bird” is a vibrant kaleidoscope of colors that will energize your walls. ThreeJenny Kostecki-Shaw’s “Red Birdcages” features colorful birds that will instantly boost the uniqueness of your room’s design. FourFlora Bowley and Jennifer Mercede’s “Stalk” is filled with passionate brushstrokes in a current color palette of magenta and blue.

Our featured bird modern art is composed of more realistic and stylized birds. OneMeg Hunt’s “Terrarium Pals” is a graphic delight in a very contemporary color combination. TwoEleanor Grosch’s “Paisley Pheasant” is a mid-century modern piece with a folk art twist. ThreeFlora Bowley’s “Pretty in Pink” perfectly represents Flora’s unique style of intuitive painting with a fresh pink and bold black background. FourThe Mincing Mockingbird’s “Bullfinch” is one of many detailed, yet simplistic bird art pieces that, when grouped together, create a feature wall that is full of life and a touch of cheekiness.

See what we mean? There’s bird themed artwork for the home no matter what your taste, and this is just the beginning! We’ve got flocks of bird art, and we’re adding new pieces all the time. Go to GreenBox Art + Culture for that perfect work of art that will help your room take flight. Be sure to follow our Pinterest board “Bird Themed Artwork for the Home” !


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