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Wild Tiger Designer Wall Decal by Eleanor Grosch

Mid-Century Modern Wall Decor by Eleanor Grosch

July 11, 2013 / Design Tips

It’s true that the classics always make a comeback, and to some enthusiasts they never go away. Many purists have inherited gorgeous mid-century modern furniture and adorned their homes with this stunning decor forever. However, many of us see the beauty of the style and have to scavenge or buy new reproductions to create a mid-century modern look in the home. Since we at GreenBox think a mix of items old and new that you love best represents who you are – this home decor style is one of our absolute favorites. In fact, one of our brilliant artists’ collections leans almost entirely toward this era. So, to finish off any hip and stylish room resembling the snazzy set of Mad Men, we suggest mid-century modern wall decor by Eleanor Grosch.

Mid-century modern furniture is sleek and unfussy, giving it the timeless quality we all love. A living room decorated in this style doesn’t have to be cold and sharp, we find that it can actually be cozy. To accent the cheeky dog wall art made up of geometric shapes in modern color palettes, we’ve found pieces that bring warmth to a room and don’t sacrifice comfort for clean style. Since our dog and cat mid-century modern wall decor by Eleanor Grosch comes in size options of 10×14, 18×24, and 30×40 (horizontal options, too) mix and match grouping looks just as stunning as one large focal point piece.

Mid-Century Modern Wall Decor by Eleanor Grosch

1 Mod Dog Greyhound, Mod Dog Pomeranian, Mod Dog Shadow by Eleanor Grosch 2 Cork Pendant by Kenroy Home 3 Petrie Leather Sofa from Crate & Barrel 4 Beni Ourain Rug from Pottery Barn 5 Nest of Tables from Heywood-Wakefield

 It doesn’t get much better than an exquisite teak Danish dining set in a fashionable dining room. With this contemporary style, sometimes less is more, bringing full attention to gorgeous key pieces while keeping the room open and sleek. We’ve combined these stunning selections below to create a polished finish. A retro wallpaper selection nicely sets off the oversized mid-century wall decor by Eleanor Grosch. With sizes up to 60×45, even the largest of wall spaces will be filled with style fitting for a different era.

1 Spear Wallpaper from Ferm Living 2 & 3 Teak Dining Chairs and Table from Vintage Danish Modern 4 Wild Pronghorn by Eleanor Grosch

Don’t be fooled into thinking this is a passing trend brought about by the new generation, mid-century modern decor will always have a place in the most stylish of homes.

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