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Spotted! Mincing Mockingbird Artwork on TV

January 17, 2014 / Fun & Favorites, TV & Film

That’s right, we saw Mincing Mockingbird artwork on TV. Just thought we’d share, because when we see our fabulous artists’ works getting the spotlight, we get so proud we could pop our buttons off our vests (if we wore vests). A good ol’ San Diego original, Jack in the Box featured “Cover Owl” wall art by Mincing Mockingbird on one of their recent commercials. Bad Decisions  is another one of their clever commercials Jack in the Box created to make you smirk. In that aspect, Mincing Mockingbird artwork fits right in! There’s no denying the humor behind Mincing Mockingbird’s Matt Adrian and his line of products including his book “The Guide to Troubled Birds”. With the continuing success of his quirky creations, this probably won’t be the last time we see Mincing Mockingbird artwork on TV.

mincing mockingbird artwork on tv


Just a little side note, we think that cool artwork to the left of “Cover Owl” looks incredibly similar to some of the street scenes by artist Amy Paul. Looks like these two artists’ works go together nicely!

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  • NeelB

    I love bird art here thanks for sharing .