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Our talented group of artists hail from across the United States and from around the world, but they all share a love of form, color and layers. Often inspired by natural elements, the work of a GreenBox artist serves to transform a space and become an instant focal point. Conversation starting and room re-defining, good art is great to find.

Stacy Amoo-Mensah artist at GreenBox Art

Stacy Amoo-Mensah Biography

Stacy Amoo-Mensah is owner/designer of the ELM & GRAY design studio near Chicago. A kindergarten teacher turned graphic designer and illustrator, Stacy has found her true passion in creating modern, fresh, and unique designs. Since making the giant leap into the world of design in 2005, Stacy has been honored… Read More

Kim Anderson artist at GreenBox Art

Kim Anderson Biography

Since graduating with a degree in Textile and Surface Design, Kim has created an extensive portfolio of artwork for a variety of greetings card publishers in the UK, Europe, and the United States. Based in her home town of Brighton, where her work is exhibited in local art galleries, Kim… Read More

Andy Anh Ha Biography

Andy Anh Ha studied arts at the University of Knoxville, Tennessee. He graduated with a BFA in fine arts and with a focus on media arts. His main project focus involves conceptualizations of the lotus flower, which represents “sheer creative power and purity amid adverse surroundings.” Andy uses techniques including… Read More

Rachel Austin Biography

Rachel Austin is a Portland-based, full-time, self-taught artist who shows her paintings across the country. Recently, her colorful, fluid work has been featured on design blogs such as Daily Candy and Apartment Therapy. Rachel’s inspiration comes from moments of everyday beauty, maps, and colors. Read More

Suzanne Baker artist at GreenBox Art

Suzanne Baker Biography

Suzie Baker is an award-winning artist with work in public and private collections in the United States and abroad. She holds a degree in Advertising and Fine Arts from Louisiana Tech University and worked for years as an art director before trading in her Pantone swatches for paintbrushes. Suzie’s representational… Read More

Vicky Barone artist at GreenBox Art

Vicky Barone Biography

Vicky Barone is an artist, illustrator, and designer who began her career as an engineer. With two engineering degrees from Virginia Tech, her mind is attuned to solving technical problems, which influences her creative practice. Her diverse artwork has been featured on greeting cards, gift products, packaging, and corporate branding.… Read More

Kristina Bass Bailey Biography

Kristina Bass Bailey’s creative pieces vary as much as the experiences that have shaped her artistic sensibilities. Raised in Georgia, she obtained her first job as an artist at the age of 16, when she painted signs for her local grocery store. Upon receiving her BFA in fabric design from… Read More

Sally Bennett Biography

Sally Bennett graduated as a painting major from the Maryland Institute College of Art and studied at the Lacoste School of the Arts in Lacoste, France. She has worked in the interior design field for numerous years, specializing in decorative painting. Over the years, Sally’s clients have included such high-profile… Read More

Molly Bernarding artist at GreenBox Art

Molly Bernarding Biography

Inspired by her 2 year old son, Molly began creating a line of children’s graphics that has expanded to include fabric, art prints and product designs. Through the launch of her own company, mingle studios, Molly reinvigorated her love of vibrant color, pattern and children’s motifs. Her line offers a… Read More

Caroline Blum Biography

Caroline Blum was born and raised in California, where she decided to become an artist at a very young age. She studied painting at UC Santa Cruz and at the New York Studio School. Today, she lives and works in her studio in New York City, where she paints imaginative… Read More

Flora Bowley Biography

Flora Bowley is a passionate painter whose love for color and art have resulted in a highly original technique. Her paintings are bold, rich, and playful, and she creates them by layering free-flowing color and mark-making with carefully rendered organic forms. This method helps Flora capture the stories of magical… Read More

Flora Bowley & Jennifer Mercede Biography

Flora Bowley and Jennifer Mercede form a collaborative artistic duo. The two create and sell art, conduct live performances, teach painting workshops, and paint murals. They share many experiences, including annual trips to Burning Man, continued self-empowerment education, and a creative passion. Their collaboration began with passing their paintings back… Read More

Laurie Breen Biography

Laurie Breen is a mixed-media painter. Her work has an abstract and expressive style with a distinctive use of layering and bold colors. She puts new layers over old and allows pieces of the original layers to show through. This technique lends richness to her paintings, leading to an accumulation… Read More

Catherine Breer

Catherine Breer Biography

Catherine Breer is a Maine artist who celebrates the beauty of New England in her art. She began painting as soon as she could hold a brush. Having spent her youth in Korea, she was strongly influenced by the bold colors and graphic forms unique to that part of the… Read More

Deborah Brenner Biography

Deborah Brenner was born in Washington, D.C. and graduated with a major in Art History from the University of Maryland. Her postgraduate studies included classes at the Corcoran School of Art and Design in D.C. and an apprenticeship in Japanese brush stroke with Kazuaki Tanahashi. Today, her nature-influenced paintings are… Read More

Becca Cahan artist at GreenBox Art

Becca Cahan Biography

Becca Cahan is an illustration student at MassArt, graduating in May 2013. Born in Vermont and raised in Maryland, Becca now lives and works in Boston. After learning watercolor at a young age, Becca dabbled back and forth between mediums, always coming back for her love of watercolors. Now she… Read More

Maria Carluccio Biography

Maria Carluccio began her career in graphic design after graduating from Carnegie Mellon University. She has had side careers as a textile designer, editorial illustrator, children’s book author, and product designer, each of which has left its influence on her art. Maria draws her inspiration from nature, the random objects… Read More

Carter Carpin Biography

Carter Carpin is an artist and designer who holds a BFA in product/textile design from Parsons School of Design in New York City. After years of designing for prominent companies, she launched the magical world of Serious Whimsy, offering art and home decor for kids. Her passion for painting, color,… Read More

Alberto Cerriteño artist at Wheatpaste

Alberto Cerriteno Biography

Alberto Cerriteño is an illustrator & designer who has developed his own very personal technique and style, with delicate hints of traditional Mexican artistic influences always present through his management of rich textures and decorative patterns. These contrast strikingly with the blending of de-saturated colors and ink, often featuring a… Read More

Todd Clark Biography

Todd Clark was born in Calgary in 1963, and the prairies that surrounded him as a child are still among his strongest influences in landscape painting. He works part-time as an elementary school teacher while pursuing his interest in large, oil-based paintings, many of which can be found in galleries… Read More

Stephanie Corfee Biography

Stephanie Corfee is a freelance graphic designer and artist who holds a degree in fine arts and a degree in Biology. She has worked as a watercolorist, fashion designer, portrait artist, and graphic designer. Her style is characterized by intricacy of detail and bold, brave colors, and her work is… Read More

Creative Thursday By Marisa Biography

Marisa is a Los Angeles-based artist, designer, and illustrator. After several years of exploring careers in advertising, graphic design, and interior design, she discovered true happiness and fulfillment in painting. A prolific creator and lover of color, Marisa’s work is usually acrylic on wood or canvas, and often includes mixed… Read More

Katie Daisy artist at GreenBox Art

Katie Daisy Biography

A graduate of the Minneapolis College of Art & Design, Katie Daisy takes her inspiration from childhood summers spent in Northern Illinois farm country. With a wildflower-toned palette, Katie paints directly from the heart. Her pieces inspire self-discovery and liberation and have struck a chord with thousands of admirers around… Read More

Andrew Daniel Biography

Andrew Daniel studied painting at the University of Maine and then moved to Northern California, where he participated in the Honors Painting Program at Humboldt State University. He got his degree in 2001 and has been a professional painter ever since. Andrew creates eclectic artistic pieces inspired by nature, textiles,… Read More

Jean-Francois Debongnie Biography

Jean-François Debongnie was born in Brussels and has been based in Singapore since 1989. A self-taught artist, he is keen to work with large canvases, which give him the opportunity to explore the themes that inspire him. Florals are a central motif in his work, treated both as a conceptual… Read More

Lisa DeJohn Biography

Lisa DeJohn’s work has always drawn from a variety of influences, including nature and the arts. She has an extensive career as a painter, designer, and mixed-media artist and has been showing her work in solo and group exhibits for over a decade. Lisa’s work has also been highlighted in… Read More

Jack Dickerson Biography

An impressionist, Jack always strives to find uplifting, new color interactions and juxtapositions. Jack is a graduate of Rhode Island School of Design and Basel College of Art in Switzerland, and runs his own gallery on Cape Cod. His paintings hang in individual and corporate collections in 24 states and in… Read More

Angela Donato Biography

Angela Donato graduated from the Ringling College of Art and Design with a major in illustration and now works full time as a freelance illustrator. After an accomplished career in children’s magazine and book illustration, she began licensing her artwork, creating vivid oil paintings inspired by children. Angela’s vintage-style pieces… Read More

Katherine Dunn

Katherine Dunn received her Bachelor’s Degree in art with an emphasis in ceramics, but she only started painting in her late 30s when she discovered the power of this medium. Working independently as a freelance illustrator for nine years, she had contact with national clients and did a solo painting… Read More

Nancy Egan artist at GreenBox Art

Nancy Egan Biography

Nancy Egan, a lifelong artist, sold her first painting at 15 and began winning accolades. The “Renaissance brain” runs strong in her family. She was taught art and inspired by her father, a Yale fine art graduate. He starved as an artist and made a living as a draftsman. When… Read More

Danny Englander GreenBox Artist

Danny Englander Biography

Danny Englander is a photographer and web developer/owner at High Rock Media in San Diego, California. His work is inspired by his surroundings in the area. From the city to the harbor to the ocean and points in between, photographic subject matter in Southern California is limitless and quite inspiring.… Read More

Aaron Foster Biography

Aaron Foster uses the very distinct media of vintage license plates and reclaimed wood in his art. Having graduated from the University of California-Davis with a degree in history, he is preoccupied with the memory of the objects he uses and incorporates that into his artistic pieces. Aaron’s interior design… Read More

Angelo Franco Biography

Angelo Franco was born in Ecuador and moved to the United States when he was 19. He studied under a full-merit scholarship at the Art Students League in New York City and has been painting for more than thirty years. Angelo’s work is included in the Art Students League’s permanent… Read More

Amy Genser Biography

Amy Eisenfeld Genser expresses her artistic voice with paper, her medium of choice. After attending a papermaking class at the Rhode Island School of Design, she started playing with paper, paint, and glue to explore her fascination with texture, pattern, and color. Evocative of natural forms and organic processes, her… Read More

Heather Gentile-Collins Biography

Heather Gentile set up Gentile Designs soon after graduating from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 1992.  Her artwork has been featured in both television and print. Heather has worked as a freelance artist in many areas: as a commercial fashion illustrator, children’s décor designer, muralist, and… Read More

Ellen Giggenbach artist at GreenBox Art

Ellen Giggenbach Biography

Born in Bavaria, Germany, Ellen lives and works in Eastbourne, a seaside village in New Zealand. She is married with two young, creative sons. Ellen studied graphic art in Vienna and received a New Zealand Diploma with Distinction in Design. She creates art by cutting and assembling graphic shapes from… Read More

Lesley Grainger artist at GreenBox Art

Lesley Grainger Biography

Lesley Grainger is an English designer who currently lives in California. She received a BA Honors Degree in illustration and design and began creating work that is mainly centered around her children, color, nature, and the beach. Her fun, colorful work can be seen on wall decor, home goods, fabric,… Read More

Emily Green artist at GreenBox Art

Emily Green Biography

Emily Green is an artist, designer, and most importantly a mom to a delightful little girl named Daisy. As a young girl, Emily always traveled with her giant box of art supplies everywhere and anywhere she went. Today as a grown up, Emily Green lives in the endless world of… Read More

GreenBox House - artist at GreenBox Art

GreenBox House Biography

Whether you seek to create a traditional, contemporary, or modern atmosphere for your home, it’s easy to make your statement with GreenBox Art + Culture. The GreenBox House collection was established with the idea that a home without art is a home without soul. Now you can choose from canvas… Read More

Eleanor Grosch Biography

Eleanor Grosch’s playful arrangements of line and form are sleek, minimalistic experiments in geometry. Whether it’s an arched beak, a meandering tail or the sleek lines of a bicycle, Eleanor’s illustrations rely on sparsely articulated lines to convey shape and motion. Her understated colors complement the subtlety of her forms… Read More

Roger Groth Biography

Roger Groth is a native of California. His original, modern artwork is inspired by the Golden State’s sunny lifestyle of the fifties and sixties. Working with popular cultural influences and maintaining a constant interest in the vibe of the local communities, Roger using various techniques. While his primary medium is… Read More

Karin Grow Artist at GreenBox Art

Karin Grow Biography

I am a full time artist residing in a little beach town with my 2 dogs, 2 cats, and 1 husband. As a native to southern California, I can’t help but be inspired by the nature around me. Although I enjoy using a variety of mediums, the majority of my… Read More

Eli Halpin Biography

Eli is short for Elizabeth. Artist Eli Halpin grew up in Alaska and now lives and paints in Austin, Texas. She focuses her center of attention on the face expressions of animals, while enjoying and celebrating their paws, cheeks, whiskers, claws, hooves, antlers, horns, and tusks. Eli’s paintings are made… Read More

Kate Halpin artist at GreenBox Art

Kate Halpin Biography

Kate Halpin grew up in Alaska where she discovered her love of plants and the natural world at a young age. She is formally trained as a plant systematist with a master’s degree in botany and now lives and works on a carnivorous plant farm in coastal Alabama. She strives… Read More

Steve Haskamp Biography

Born and raised in the Midwest, Steve Haskamp holds a BFA in painting from the Kansas City Art Institute and worked for Hallmark Cards, Inc. for twelve  years. This experience led him to his present work on a wide variety of projects, from children’s book illustration and stationery design to… Read More

Jennifer Hill Biography

Jennifer Hill is a Boston-based designer and illustrator best known for her vibrant print series, “Places I Have Never Been.” These depict imaginary vacations she has created since childhood, which showcase her talent and ability to present those visions in an artistic manner. Jennifer is inspired when working in a… Read More

Kim Holbrook Biography

Kim Holbrook is a California artist who has always been involved in creative and artistic pursuits. Growing up in the Midwest, she spent lots of wintry afternoons creating art. After studying art in college she moved to California where she was influenced by the architecture and bold colors inherent to… Read More

Gordon Hopkins Biography

Gordon Hopkins is originally from Boston, Massachusetts and has a formal background in art and landscape architecture from the University of Colorado. Presently living in Europe, he creates diary paintings of events and places he has experienced, starting with any sight or community that gets him inspired. Visual simplicity and… Read More

Danny Hughes Biography

Danny Hughes is a painter who uses his extensive collection of antique books and papers to create mosaics on wooden backgrounds, most of which have been colored and aged in his studio. The process of creation may take weeks and even months, but each step is important to the character… Read More

Meg Hunt artist at GreenBox Art

Meg Hunt Biography

Meg Hunt is an illustrator, printmaker, educator, and all-around maker of things. Growing up by the ocean and spending a few years in the desert, she now resides in the wooded city of Portland, OR, where the scenery is always inspiring. Charming characters, color, and pattern dominate her work, and… Read More

Donna Ingemanson Biography

Donna Ingemanson is on a perpetual artistic quest using the medium of painting. She attended the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston and the Massachusetts College of Art and Design. Her art has been acclaimed and published by numerous arts organizations and publications. Traveling around the world for… Read More

Judith Jarcho Biography

Judith Jarcho’s professional training began at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design, where she received her BFA, which led to a Master’s Degree in art education. Her paintings have been featured in numerous museums throughout the U.S., and her pieces are stand outs due to an innovative use of… Read More

JoelleJoy artist at GreenBox Art

Joelle Joy Biography

Joelle Joy combines a passion for photography with a passion for experiencing the joy of God’s natural world. While surfing in the US, Caribbean, or Costa Rica; snowboarding and exploring woods out West or in Mi., her home state, she captures the thrill of her experiences through the surreal lens… Read More

Jolby & Friends artist at GreenBox Art

Jolby & Friends Biography

Jolby is the name of artistic duo Josh Kenyon and Colby Nichols, who began their joint design career in their hometown of San Diego. The secret behind their creative collaboration is combining Colby’s artistic obsession with creatures and shapes and Josh’s creative love for pattern and texture. The imaginative and… Read More

Gale Kaseguma Biography

Gale Kaseguma was a popular artist whose work has been exhibited in numerous solo and group shows. Particularly interested in interacting with her audience, she appeared on television shows such as Good Morning America and All Year Round with Katie Brown. Gale’s technique involved layering several media, including Japanese collage… Read More

Marie Kazalia artist at GreenBox Art

Marie Kazalia Biography

Marie Kazalia found her subject matter (spots and splashes) as an art student at California College of Arts while completing her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree. She notes her color palette includes influences from retro American product packaging, advertising and billboards, her international travels, and especially her expatriate years living… Read More

Robert Kennedy Biography

Robert Kennedy has a varied past that includes playing professional baseball, coaching high school football, and practicing law for thirty years. Although he doesn’t have  a formal artistic background, his passion for painting turned into his full-time occupation. Presently, he works primarily in acrylics and watercolors. Robert describes his work… Read More

Shelly Kennedy Biography

As a child, Shelly Kennedy made jewelry from foil, sewed tiny pillows for her baby dolls, and decorated her sneakers with bubblegum wrappers. Today, as a “grown-up girl” with formal training in art and illustration, her work is just as much fun, combining creative and entertaining elements into her decorative… Read More

Linda Ketelhut Biography

Linda Ketelhut is a self-taught illustrator and surface designer who now lives in Austin, Texas, after nearly two decades spent in New York City. Drawing on her love of space and design, she imagines different spatial worlds through her illustration, creating unique environments on paper. Linda combines the colors and… Read More

Jennifer Kiraly Biography

Jennifer Kiraly was born in Michigan and received an MFA in painting at ASU and a BFA in painting and print making from the Kansas City Art Institute. She produces mixed-media paintings influenced by botanical forms, bee systems, memory, and fabrics, which she conceptualizes and layers in unique patterns on… Read More

Jenny Kostecki-Shaw

Jenny Kostecki-Shaw is a graduate of the Kansas City Art Institute whose passion for travel combines with her art in the most unexpected ways. Her love for India and Nepal inspires her, resulting in vibrant pictures and stories. Jenny also enjoys being in the outdoors with her family, where she… Read More

Brian Love Biography

Art is my first language. I began drawing before I knew how to read. My parents enrolled me in private oil painting lessons when I was seven. As a graduate from The University of the Arts in Philadelphia with my BFA in Media Arts, I started creating paper collages and… Read More

Makai Photography artist at GreenBox Art

Makai Photography Biography

Makai Photography focuses on the relationship between the ocean and life that surrounds it. By using a variety of underwater camera housings, Makai Photography captures the essence of the ocean life – refreshing blue surf, vivid flowers, curious sea life, lava-lined shores, and white sandy beaches. These tropical elements bring… Read More

Misha Mayneric Blaise artist at GreenBox Art

Misha Maynerick Blaise Biography

Misha Maynerick Blaise is an Austin based artist with an educational background in Middle Eastern studies and Conflict Resolution. She spent many years as a youth worker and community organizer in under-served neighborhoods in Chicago. After the birth of her first child, she turned her long time interest in the… Read More

Cory McBee artist at GreenBox Art

Cory McBee Biography

Cory McBee is a South Carolina based graphic designer who holds a BA in Fine Art from The College of Charleston and an MFA in Graphic Design from SCAD. Her designs stem from her love of typography, mid century art and design, and the world around her. Her work has… Read More

Midori McCabe Biography

Midori McCabe is a U.S.-based artist who was born in Tokyo and lived there and in London before moving to the States. As a child, she took private art lessons from a Japanese contemporary artist, which went hand-in-hand with piano playing and singing. Art and music are coordinated into her… Read More

Jill McDonald artist at GreenBox Art

Jill McDonald Biography

Jill McDonald graduated from the Rhode Island School of Design with a major in textile design. She went on to work as a print stylist in New York for BabyGap, after which she returned to the Midwest to work as an illustrator for Hallmark Cards. Now, she creates an array… Read More

Jennifer Judd McGee Biography

Jennifer Judd-McGee is a mixed-media artist and illustrator who lives in Northeast Harbor, Maine. Much of her inspiration comes from her coastal surroundings. She has shown in galleries across the U.S. and in England and Canada. Her work has been featured in several books, including Old School, Jen-11, and The… Read More

Jennifer Mercede Biography

Jennifer Mercede graduated with a Bachelor’s of Art in painting from Western Washington University before moving to Portland, where she showed her art in small coffee shops around the city and received the love and support of a great community. Portland formed Jennifer’s artistic personality, and her painting style references… Read More

Starla Michelle Biography

Starla Michelle Halfmann is a professional Austin artist and Texas native. She received her Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Design Communications from Texas Tech University. Her art and design interests are varied but her focus is on pushing the limits of impasto style paintings combined with mixed media. “I grew… Read More

Melanie Mikecz Biography

Melanie Mikecz specializes in a charming, mixed-media style. Originally from Wisconsin, she earned a BFA from the Washington University School of Art in St. Louis. Melanie has worked as an illustrator and designer in Boston, London, and San Francisco, absorbing cultural and artistic influences from each of these places. Although… Read More

Carmen Mok artist at GreenBox Art

Carmen Mok Biography

Carmen Mok was born in Hong Kong. At 16, with two suitcases in tow, she started a new chapter in her life when she travelled to Canada to continue her high school and university education. She was trained in ceramic sculpture and dinnerware design at University of Waterloo and Sheridan… Read More

Rachel Mosley artist at GreenBox Art

Rachel Mosley Biography

Rachel Mosley lives in a rural Mayberry-like town near Newnan, Georgia. Inspired by her artistic, book-loving family, Rachel discovered her love of children’s illustration and was delighted to find that she has a real knack for it. She uses a combination of hand drawing and digital illustration in her work,… Read More

Mary Jo Olsen Biography

Mary Jo Olsen, born and educated in California, now lives in Washington. She studied at UCLA, the Brentwood Art Center, Cornell University and in the Masters Class of the Santa Fe Art Institute. This extensive art education has helped her form unique skills and develop her own visual language, which… Read More

Paper-Sparrow artist at GreenBox Art

Paper-Sparrow Biography

Andrea Lauren is a New York City based artist and illustrator creating whimsical, colorful pieces under the studio name Paper-Sparrow.  Inspired by her classical music training and a love of nature, Andrea’s art often combines these two passions.  Her art has recently been featured by musicians on album covers as… Read More

Susana Parada artist at GreenBox Art

Susana Parada Biography

Susana Parada is the artist behind Parada Creations. A professionally trained graphic designer, Susana creates art that brings a burst of color and positive element to any room of a home. New to the art-print scene, Susana’s art is already gracing homes around the globe and can be found in… Read More

Amy Paul Biography

Amy Paul merges art and design in her North Park San Diego studio, focusing on both organic and urban subject matter. Amy selects simple, everyday places and things and brings them to life with color. She is a multi-media artist who creates on canvas, paper and wood. Amy has been… Read More

Petite Malou artist at GreenBox Art

Petite Malou Biography

Marie Louise is a fine artist and art instructor from Denmark. She spent her childhood in the countryside near forests, fields, and the sea. The surrounding landscape is her main source of inspiration as well as years spent abroad in the United States and France. Combining her Scandinavian heritage with… Read More

Agnes Pierscieniak Biography

Agnes Pierscieniak is an interdisciplinary designer living and working in Los Angeles. From logos to murals, Agnes uses vibrant colors and crisp patterns to create identities for diverse clients and places. Inspired by the multicultural mix, innovative architecture, and verdant landscape around her, Agnes creates work that is big, bright,… Read More

Susy Pilgrim Waters Biography

Susy Pilgrim Waters is an illustrator, designer, and painter whose work is used extensively in print advertising, book and magazine publishing, and commercial licensing.  Her signature style combines color, shapes, and wit for vibrant, evocative results. She applies a wide range of styles and approaches to her work, mostly using… Read More

Paula Prass Biography

Paula Prass is a designer of interiors, textiles, art, clothing patterns, and accessories. Her success can be attributed to her unpretentious, lighthearted approach to artistic creation. By combining art and design and using crisp colors, Paula offers a new twist to classic patterns in a variety of products, including picture… Read More

Stanislav Prokopenko artist at GreenBox Art

Stanislav Prokopenko Biography

Stan Prokopenko was born in 1986 in Odessa, Ukraine. In 2003, he began studying at the Watts Atelier of the Arts in San Diego and then teaching there in 2007. He is represented by Gallery Russia in Scottsdale, Arizona and The Julian Art Gallery in Julian, California. Stan enjoys painting… Read More

Valentina Ramos Biography

Valentina Ramos is a Miami-based, Venezuelan artist who enjoys working with a variety of materials. After a fifteen-year career as a graphic designer, she branched out into other forms of art and her signature style emerged: bright, colorful, detailed images and black ink. Valentina enjoys creating from her heart in… Read More

Jessica Robbins Biography

Jessica Robbins is a contemporary artist based in Los Angeles, California. She received her BFA from the Massachusetts College of Art and Design in Boston, and her work has been exhibited in a variety of locations across the U.S. and Asia. She has been commissioned to create work for the… Read More

Tyson Anthony Roberts Biography

Tyson Anthony Roberts is a full-time painter whose work is focused on movement, change, and the environment. The intersection between our natural world and increasingly present digital structures is his main source of inspiration, and his pieces explore this new type of harmony. He believes his job as a painter… Read More

Christopher Ross Biography

Christopher Ross has been shooting around the globe since 1997. His most recent adventure took him to one of the furthest distances from shore known to man to study white sharks. He was the principal photographer for National Geographic Channel’s “Expedition Great White/ Shark Men.” He continues to shoot for… Read More

Siri Selle Biography

Siri Selle was born and raised in Haugesund, Norway and came to the US on scholarship to study art and psychology. Siri started at selling her work an early age and by age 20 was selling internationally. Siri initiated and developed an on-going program for individuals with mental retardation at… Read More

Jason Smith Biography

Jason Smith is a Phoenix, Arizona-based painter who studied at the Herberger College of Fine Arts. His paintings are filled with bright, vivid colors and patterns that allow every element to be expressed and interact. Jason’s figures and settings go back to his childhood art, and the frankness and simplicity… Read More

Annette Tatum artist at GreenBox Art

Annette Tatum Biography

Annette Tatum received her degree in design from UCLA and began designing apparel. Inspired by vintage textiles and classic designs, Annette brought these designs into the realm of home décor in 1999, when she launched a bedding line. The high demand for lifestyle infant and juvenile décor led her to… Read More

Tidal Photography artist at GreenBox Art

Tidal Photography Biography

Tidal Photography is owned by Ryan Cardone, who is a freelance photographer dedicated to images of the ocean, aquatic life, and surf. After traveling the world as a professional surfer and seeing so many amazing places, Ryan attended Brooks Institute of Photography in Santa Barbara to pursue a career in… Read More

Anna Todaro artist at GreenBox Art

Anna Todaro Biography

Anna Todaro is an acrylic painter from Chicago, Illinois who enjoys making art simply to make the world a more creative place. She loves the romance of painting, the magic of making artwork, the power that art and color have to transform a place or a room, and the power… Read More

Suzy Ultman artist at GreenBox Art

Suzy Ultman Biography

Suzy Ultman was born in Pennsylvania, but colorful and vibrant Amsterdam also plays a large part in her work. She has lived on three different continents and embraced the culture and communities of each, allowing them to influence her visual aesthetic. Suzy’s style of illustration is influenced by her childhood,… Read More

Rosemary Valente Biography

Rosemary Valente received her MA in art education from the University of Hawaii and has studied in Greece, France, and Mexico. Her travels led to a fascination with landscapes and cityscapes, and her style of painting emphasizes the shape of the objects she uses. Her art has been exhibited in… Read More

Winborg Sisters artists at GreenBox Art

Winborg Sisters Biography

Mendy Winborg Reese and Megan Winborg Gerrard are an artistic duo from Utah. Mendy studied at Utah State University in Logan, Utah and obtained a BFA and a K-12 teaching certificate, after which she taught art in public schools. Megan got a degree in elementary education from USU and spends… Read More

Caroline Wright Biography

Caroline Wright is a painter and cellist, and these disciplines are complimentary sources of inspiration. She attended Brown University and lived in France and Italy before returning to her hometown of Austin, Texas, where she is a full-time artist. Her paintings are both exuberant and contemplative, embodying the longing to… Read More

Shannon Newlin Biography

Shannon Newlin has always enjoyed a creative life. As a child, she used to love to paint pictures on her clothing and would wear them to school. This beginning eventually led to a successful career as a creative director in product development for several children’s brands. Now, a mother of… Read More

Bari J. Biography

The designer behind the Bari J. brand is Bari J. Ackerman. She attended DePaul University and is currently a fabric, surface, and sewing pattern designer. Bari is an artist who is well known in the fabric industry for her whimsical designs and bold eye for pattern and color. She has… Read More

Kasey Hope Biography

Kasey Hope graduated from Auburn University with a degree in Elementary Education. In 2007, she combined her love for art and kids into one dream job when she opened P’zazz Art Studio. Her studio inspires children and adults to live their life to the fullest and to give back in… Read More

Bethan Janine Biography

Bethan Janine is a pattern designer and illustrator based in her home town of Sheffield, in the United Kingdom. Inspired by her surroundings of leafy Yorkshire and all things flora and fauna, she loves to draw, combining delicate line work and bright colors to create fun artwork to make you… Read More

Linn Maria

Linn Maria Odnes Jensen is a Norwegian Graphic Designer and Illustrator, based in Oslo. She graduated as a Graphic Designer from Westerdals School of Communication in Oslo, Norway and studied Illustration at Solent University in Southampton. Linn has worked at Leo Burnett agency in Oslo and is currently working for… Read More

Sara Franklin Biography

Sara Franklin is a designer, illustrator, and surface pattern designer who loves whimsy, color and pattern. She’s best known for her happy, playful greeting card line. After graduating with a BFA in graphic design from California Institute of the Arts, she has continued to grow and develop her naturally whimsical… Read More

Betsy Olmsted Biography

Betsy is a surface designer of textiles, wallpaper, and other printable substrates, who creates original artwork with mediums such as gouache, watercolor, and pen before translating the works on paper into reproducible designs. Inspirations are driven by the concept of localism, and pretending to be a tourist in everyday surroundings… Read More

Meera Lee Patel

Meera Lee Patel is an artist raised by the New Jersey shore, where she swam the bright waters and climbed cherry blossom trees until she grew old enough to draw them. Her illustrations are inspired by the magical mysteries of nature and the bold spirit of her native India. Her… Read More

Barbara Chotiner Biography

Barbara Zuckerman Chotiner studied graphic design & illustration at Syracuse University and later received her MFA from the University of the Arts in book arts + printmaking. Through analog and digital methods, Barb combines textures, color, shapes and abstract forms. Inspired by the fusion of rules & repetition (math) and… Read More

John Baran Biography

John Baran is an artist and illustrator from Santa Barbara, California. Already a successful abstract artist, one Christmas John decided to create some whimsical animal prints for his 10 year old daughter’s bedroom walls. It didn’t take long before the prints were selling and John’s work will delight both adults… Read More

Kelly Angelovic

Kelly is an illustrator and graphic designer based in Colorado. Specializing in digital illustration, her experience also includes surface and pattern design, hand lettering, brand development and graphic design. In 2001, Kelly earned a bachelor’s degree in Marketing from the University of Colorado. She later attended the School of Visual… Read More

Colleen Phelon Hall Biography

Colleen Phelon Hall graduated from the University of Richmond with an art and business degree. She specializes in painting murals and mostly works large-scale commissions for hospitals, schools, and homes. The wide range of images she creates has led to projects painting celebrity nurseries. Colleen’s main artistic mission is to… Read More

Bobby Sikes Biography

Bobby Sikes grew up in the small town of Lawrenceville, Georgia. His interest in art developed early at the age of 4, and he was miraculously guided to many mentors during his youth who helped form him into the artist he is today. After graduating from The University of Georgia… Read More

Christine Berrie Biography

Christine Berrie gained a 1st Class BA from Glasgow School of Art before heading to the Royal College of Art in London where she graduated with an MA in Illustration in 2002. Currently, everyday scenarios and objects are Christine’s favored subject matter and she has long had an interest in… Read More

Catherine Ledner Biography

Catherine Ledner grew up in eccentric New Orleans surrounded by positive, hardworking people. She lives with 2 dogs, 2 cats, and 4 bunnies and her pets inspire her to photograph animals and people, too! Catherine enjoys the fresh perspectives on everyday life that come from traveling. She loves to listen,… Read More

Jones Segarra Biography

Joni Segarra, a.k.a. “Jones,” is a self-taught artist who began her art career after she became a mother. She started with painting children’s art and soon moved on to painting in homes, businesses and show homes. She has sold her acrylic paintings all over the U.S. and abroad and her… Read More

Kalligraphy by Kalli Biography

Inspired by her love for quotes and innate desire to doodle, Kalli LeVasseur began translating words into works of art. Each piece is done freehand and is unplanned; essentially creating itself with each word, each brush stroke. Bright colors and fun patterns are reflective of the joy and love Kalli… Read More

RedCamper Biography

RedCamper believes life should just be a summertime road trip, forever. From the back seat wars with your brother, to snapshots of cheesy grins in random locations, to swerving onto the shoulder to stop at a roadside stand selling homemade pie, everything they make or do is about that….Summertime adventures… Read More

Irene Chan Biography

Irene was born and raised in Hong Kong. She studied in Savannah, Georgia, and received her BFA in graphic design from the Savannah College of Art & Design. She lived and worked in San Francisco before settling in Atlanta, Georgia. She is a seasoned designer for multiple platforms from graphic… Read More

Paola Zakimi Biography

Paola Zakimi spent all of her childhood and part of her youth in cold Patagonia, Argentina. Her independent nature led her to Buenos Aires, where she studied Arts and Graphic Design. Paola lived in Buenos Aires, Palermo until 2007, when she was prompted to move to Villa Giardino, Cordoba, where… Read More

Katie Vernon Biography

Katie Vernon is an illustrator who has spent most of her life in the midwest, but whose heart belongs in the mountains. Her inspiration comes from being a florist, working with alpacas, and living on a bus. She’s worked with Ikea, The Land of Nod, Urban Outfitters, and Chronicle Books;… Read More

Pim Pimlada Biography

Pimlada Phuapradit is an artist and designer at Pim-Pimlada Studio, which is based in Bangkok, Thailand. She earned her BA in Textile Design from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, (RMIT), Australia in 2003 and worked as a knitwear and surface pattern designer in Bangkok. Her love for drawing led… Read More

Yellow Button Studio Biography

Yellow Button Studio is the home of illustrator and surface designer Jessie Schneider. She spends most of her days creating out of her home studio based in Saint Paul, MN. Her work is described as colorful, lighthearted, and inspirational. Jessie has a passion for creating unique, fun artwork with a… Read More

Jillian Phillips Biography

Jillian Phillips is a freelance illustrator and graphic designer based in the South of England. Having studied Fashion in college, Jillian began her career in 1998 as a graphic designer for children’s clothing retailers. In 2007, Jillian started her own print studio, creating fun artwork for all manner of children’s… Read More

Julie Bluét Biography

Julie Varisco is a Virginia-based artist and illustrator. She is the owner of Julie Bluét, her own design studio. As a wife and mother of six grown children, Julie says that treasured memories from each of her children and grandchildren, along with the family pets, have inspired so much of… Read More

Sarah Lowe Biography

Sarah Lowe has loved creating art for as long as she can remember. Her current work draws inspiration from the imaginative and joy-filled world of her two children. Sarah’s painterly style is sweet, soft, whimsical and sometimes humorous. She believes one is never too young to be artfully inspired. Painting… Read More

Fancy That Design House Biography

Rachel Mosley lives in a rural Mayberry-like town near Newnan, Georgia. Inspired by her artistic, book-loving family, Rachel discovered her love of children’s illustration and was delighted to find that she has a real knack for it. She uses a combination of hand drawing and digital illustration in her work,… Read More

Angie Carrier Biography

Angie Carrier was born in Bristol, VA. and currently lives and works in Greenville, SC. In 2009, she founded Carrier Collective, LLC., an Art and Interiors company that uses her paintings to create reproductions and beautiful fabrics that are used in her Home Accessory Products. Her work is sold in… Read More

Ashley Dietrich Biography

Ashley Dietrich works as a volunteer wild bird rehabilitator, which has significantly influenced her artwork. Capturing gestures, the complexity of feathers and an individual bird’s personality is a fulfilling technical challenge.  Ashley enjoys sharing her studio with both a parrot and a dove. Read More

Cathy Walters Biography

Cathy grew up in northern California and studied art at San Jose State and UCLA. She spends her days making art, lists, and green smoothies. She loves new possibilities and painted toes. She has almost no concept of time. Much of her work focuses on her love and empathy for… Read More

Laura Amiss Biography

Laura Amiss is a designer working with digital and freehand illustrations. She is from Northern England but for the last ten years has called The Netherlands home. Laura graduated from Goldsmiths School of Art (University of London) and is, in her own words,pretty obsessive about color and pattern (and pretty… Read More

Lauren Lowen Biography

Since graduating from the Illustration Department at The Rhode Island School of Design, Lauren’s artwork has appeared in magazines, on book covers, and even as stickers! She taught Illustration at both Montserrat College of Art and RISD before starting a new chapter working in the gift and stationery industry. Currently,… Read More

Katy Smail Biography

KT Smail was born under the dusty trees of Scotland,  learned to draw amongst the gothic sea-stone of Edinburgh and graduated from Edinburgh College of Art with a First class (hons) degree in Illustration. She now lives in Brooklyn, New York where she continues to work as an illustrator, designer… Read More

Joy Ting Biography

Drawing has been a part of Joy Ting’s life ever since she can remember. All through school, she drew and lettered for classmates and teachers. After a career in elementary education (nine splendid years of teaching art!) she now works as an illustrator and surface designer. Throughout the day and… Read More

Helen Dealtry Biography

Helen Dealtry has been designing textiles for the worldwide market for over a decade. Known best for her hand-painted floral designs, Helen has worked with some of the leading names in the fashion and interiors industry. Helen also teaches classes at her Brooklyn studio and launched her own line of… Read More

Susan Pepe Biography

Susan has spent most of her career teaching art to kindergarten children, and now, after raising a daughter of her own (and two Labradors), is devoting herself full time to her art. Inspired by young children, Susan has developed a loose, colorful style – often combining tissue paper with acrylics,… Read More

Jones Segarra Biography

Joni Segarra, a.k.a. “Jones,” is a self-taught artist who began her art career after she became a mother. She started with painting children’s art and soon moved on to painting in homes, businesses and show homes. She has sold her acrylic paintings all over the U.S. and abroad and her… Read More

Amy Blay Biography

Amy was born in the 70’s in Montreal, Canada and is the daughter of a graphic designer/illustrator and an arts and craft enthusiast. She spent her early life surrounded by magic markers, letraset, macrame, paint and fabric. A career in the arts was soon to follow. She gained a BA… Read More

Jenn Ski Biography

Jenn Ski is an artist and illustrator with a passion for modern and mid-20th century art and design. Upon obtaining her BFA in Graphic Design from the University of Massachusetts, she began creating the paper and acrylic paintings that define her style. Soon after, she moved this aesthetic to the… Read More

Jillian Phillips Biography

Jillian Phillips is a freelance illustrator and graphic designer based in the South of England. Having studied Fashion in college, Jillian began her career in 1998 as a graphic designer for children’s clothing retailers. In 2007, Jillian started her own print studio, creating fun artwork for all manner of children’s… Read More

Sarah Lowe Biography

Sarah Lowe has loved creating art for as long as she can remember. Her current work draws inspiration from the imaginative and joy-filled world of her two children. Sarah’s painterly style is sweet, soft, whimsical and sometimes humorous. She believes one is never too young to be artfully inspired. Painting… Read More

Mati Rose McDonough Biography

Mati Rose McDonough is a passionate artist whose declared mission is to represent the types of magic she encounters on a daily basis. Her focus on imagination and beauty extends to children and grownups alike. Mati Rose creates fantastic creatures in paint, fabric, found paper, and canvas for lovers of… Read More

Tina Löffler Biography

Tina is an illustrator and pattern designer based in Germany, where she lives with her husband and small daughter in an old house in the north of the Black Forest. There she is surrounded by nature, waking up to the songbirds and going to bed when the forest’s owls and bats are… Read More

Emily Drummond Biography

Emily Drummond’s artistic style has continuously evolved, but was fine-tuned while pursuing her BFA in Art & Design at Alfred University. Growing up in Maine, she was continuously influenced by the picturesque nature of the environment around her. She aims to create work that is energetic and vibrant, while still… Read More

Victoria Johnson Biography

Victoria is an English artist living in Rome. After graduating with a degree in textile design, she was offered a job as a print designer in Manhattan. She stayed in New York for twelve years, eventually, co-owning and running a design studio. Victoria’s work features very feminine color palettes, a… Read More

Tina O'Neill Finn Photo

Tina O’Neill Finn Biography

Tina O’Neill Finn is an experienced Colorado Springs-based illustrator and designer. Over the past four years she has specialized in the children’s markets but loves new design challenges. A RISD graduate, she is a self-taught artist always perfecting her craft. Her Tina Beans designs have been sold to Disney, JoAnn… Read More

Carrie Schmitt Photo

Carrie Schmitt Biography

Carrie Schmitt began painting as a therapeutic practice after being diagnosed with a life-threatening allergy to heat in 2009. Her process involves allowing the painting to emerge intuitively rather than controlling the outcome. Her book, Painted Blossoms: Creating Expressive Flowers with Mixed Media, (North Light Books, 2015) shares tips and… Read More

Shawnie Mirandon Image

Shawnie Mirandon Biography

Shawnie Mirandon creates her original paintings on the backside of Plexiglas, using acrylic paints blended with a mix of actual beach elements of sand, shells, and rocks along with hand-painted papers. Most critical to Shawnie is the expression of movement, and through years of  experimentation she discovered how to blend… Read More

Maren Devine Image

Maren Devine Biography

Maren Devine has been a graphic designer, a published poster artist, a freelance designer, a mural painter, and – her all time favorite- an inner-city high school art teacher in Dallas. For more than 12 years, she has worked with interior designers and art professionals providing her custom art for… Read More

Alison Junda Photo

Alison Junda Biography

Alison grew up outside of Baltimore, Maryland, but spent her childhood summers vacationing on the Outer Banks of North Carolina with friends and family.  These beaches grew to be a place she loved and partly inspired her to attend East Carolina University where she earned a degree in Interior Design.… Read More

Laura Dro Photo

Laura Dro Biography

Laura Dro is an artist and textile designer who was born and raised by the sunny Atlantic Beaches of Florida. Her love of the colors of the perfect day at the beach are reflected in all her original paintings, prints and patterns. With a degree in Fine Arts from the… Read More

Donna West Photo

Donna West Biography

Donna’s lifetime love of fashion provides much of the creative inspiration for her paintings. She combines her passions of art and clothing in her works, striving to transform the otherwise ordinary into her creative vision of what fashion means to her. She uses both brush work and palette knife to… Read More

Alison Jerry Image

Alison Jerry Biography

Alison loves everything about art. She has won many awards and has her work placed with major retailers and hotels. Alison uses a variety of mediums like oils, watercolor, pastels, photography and even PhotoShop. Alison enjoys the entire process of making something beautiful and even making mistakes along the way… Read More

Christine Schwimmer Photo

Christine Schwimmer Biography

Christine Schwimmer loves the challenge of painting, mixing paint right on the canvas, using charcoal and scratching to make line, creating images and then destroying them. Sometimes Christine is satisfied with the outcome quickly and sometimes never. Painting allows her to express her emotions and her goal is for these… Read More

The Secret Zebra Photo

The Secret Zebra Biography

The Secret Zebra is a lovely little collection of detailed and whimsical artwork by Katie Garrison. Katie has been a lifelong animal lover and finds her inspiration from all things wild and woodland. She and her husband Reuben  live in coastal Virginia and spend as much time as possible exploring… Read More

Heather Gauthier Art Photo

Heather Gauthier Art Biography

Heather’s style is the culmination of experiences and influences in urban and rural settings. Her popular animal portraits are often described as “anthropomorphic realism”: wild creatures in a civilized, very human setting. After a decade of living and working in Chicago (above a pizza parlor) and Africa (on a strawberry… Read More

Pat Scheurich Portrait

Pat Scheurich Biography

Pat Scheurich was born in Louisiana and moved often in early childhood because her father worked with oil wells and was never in one place for long. Her family eventually settled in Phoenix Arizona where playing in the desert hills was part of my everyday life. Pat remembers fun trips… Read More

Leslie Lemberg Studio Portrait

Leslie Lemberg Studio Biography

Leslie Lemberg’s childhood on Long Island Sound fostered a deep connection with the natural world, where the magic of changing seasons and nature’s mysteries were a strong influence. Now living across the country in Southern California she continues to be captivated by the variations, patterns and endless contrasts in nature. At… Read More

Green Lili Artwork

Green Lili Biography

Green Lili started in Sheffield, United Kingdom with a view to bring fresh, modern and original art to the walls of your home. The UK studio continues to develop different techniques in painting digitally, from exploring loose, big brush strokes, to intricate detail and texture with inspiration continually drawn from… Read More

Misha Baynerick Blaise Portrait

Misha Maynerick Blaise Biography

Misha Maynerick Blaise is an Austin based artist with an educational background in Middle Eastern studies and Conflict Resolution. She spent many years as a youth worker and community organizer in under-served neighborhoods in Chicago. After the birth of her first child, she turned her long time interest in the… Read More