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Nancy Egan Biography

Nancy Egan, a lifelong artist, sold her first painting at 15 and began winning accolades. The “Renaissance brain” runs strong in her family. She was taught art and inspired by her father, a Yale fine art graduate. He starved as an artist and made a living as a draftsman. When Nancy was ready for college, he insisted she pursue an engineering degree instead of the art path she wished for. Nancy earned a BS in Mechanical Engineering and Industrial Management and had a career designing and manufacturing computers. But ten years ago she gave it up and switched careers to a full-time professional oil painter. She has taken numerous workshops and classes, and is now teaching art classes. She has a love for still life, landscapes, and seascapes.  Her work is sold nationally and internationally, and her new work, “Art within Art”, glorifies God’s creations and man-made objects.

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