Set Ascending Direction
Sally Bennett

Sally Bennett

Much of the art by Sally Bennett has remained part of our best selling Canvas Wall Art collection since being introduced into GreenBox. Now you too can enjoy the picturesque beauty of Sally Bennett paintings on your walls with her wonderful artwork for the home inspired by nature.

  • Floral Murals
  • Canvas Wall Art

    From: $69.00

    To: $119.00

    Blue Pond
  • Art Prints

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    To: $509.00


Since joining the GreenBox family, artwork by Sally Bennett has enjoyed topping our best selling list of Canvas Wall Art. Now, paintings by Sally Bennett are also available as custom wall decals (as well as stretched canvas art) as contemporary wall art that’s inspired by nature’s beauty. When you shop for Sally Bennett wall art, you are assured gorgeous artwork for the home that accentuates your existing modern home décor.