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GreenBox’s collection of modern table lamps just got brighter! Your home will gain a cheery pop of modern design with these table lamps for living rooms, bedrooms, or offices. Purchase our contemporary table lamps as a complete set or mix and match with individual shades.

With a new size and new designs available (based off of our best selling stretched canvas art), these modern table lamps from GreenBox Art + Culture can be purchased as a set of shade and base together or individual shades to fit your needs. We recommend using these bedside table lamps in bedrooms, offices, or table lamps for living rooms. When you add decorative table lamps from GreenBox into your space, your modern lighting transforms into artwork for the home with a brand new light. Shop for unique table lamps from GreenBox to illuminate your home decor.

Contemporary Lamps

Looking to illuminate a room with bright design? Contemporary lamps from GreenBox Art + Culture provide light as a great art accessory with modern lamp bases and lamp shades based off our top canvas wall art prints. Our unique table lamps come with a white resin base that includes an on/off switch and they can be purchased as individual lamp shades or as complete contemporary lamps. Assembled table lamps measure 14" x 24" and each modern lamp shade is printed using the giclee print method in the United States, ensuring vibrant color for years. Add contemporary lamps to your home decor today to light up your artwork for the home.
Contemporary Lamp Shades
Contemporary Table Lamps
GreenBox's collection of modern table lamps are topped with contemporary lamp shades based off our best selling stretched canvas art prints, ensuring that all lamp shades for table lamps act as gorgeous home decor accents for your home. All contemporary lamp shades are printed in the USA using the giclee method to provide unparalled quality and color excellence. Shine a little light on your modern home decor - buy contemporary lamp shades or complete table lamps from GreenBox Art + Culture.
Trying to find where to buy contemporary table lamps with flair? GreenBox Art + Culture's collection of table lamps for bedrooms, living rooms, or anywhere in the home are sure to light up any room where they're placed, plus all contemporary table lamps from GreenBox are printed in California with the same method as our high-quality canvas giclee art prints. With every decorative lamp shade based off one of the most popular canvas art prints, it's easy to create a cohesive room decor solution with GreenBox's contemporary table lamps. Shop for your brand new contemporary table lamp for sale today!
Contemporary Lamps for Sale
Unique Lamp Ideas
Hanging multiples of stretched canvas art prints is one way to make your wall decor turn heads, but why not go big? Consider adding one huge piece of large wall art to dominate a wall and your room decor! GreenBox offers a variety of large wall art decor featuring some of our popular canvas wall art designs bigger and bolder. Most of our oversized canvas art is available in a variety of sizes, but large wall art prints feature the same high-quality durability and color as the rest of our canvas wall art. Hang a statement piece today - shop for large wall art for your home.
Searching for unique lamp ideas to give your home decor a boost? GreenBox's exclusive tabe lamps boast high-quality fabric lamp shades with signature designs straight from our best-selling stretched canvas art collection. White resin bases perfectly accent the contemporary lamp shades to provide unique lamp ideas for bedrooms, living rooms, or anywhere in the home. With plenty of designs available exclusively through GreenBox Art, we're here to help you translate your unique lamp ideas into home decor reality. Visit our selection of contemporary lamps to find your new art accessory now.

Modern Lamps

GreenBox doesn't just offer top quality canvas wall art and large mural artwork - we offer all-encompassing home decor solutions to ensure your artwork for the home is cohesive in every way. Our modern lamps are a great way to pair table lamps for living rooms with stretched canvas wall art, or unique lamp shades with bedroom art prints. All of our modern lamps rest upon a sturdy and contemporary white base, complete with an easy to use on/off switch, plus contemporary lamp shades printed in the USA featuring designs from our canvas art prints collection. GreenBox Art + Culture's modern lamps are available for purchase as a complete set or as individual lamp shades to fit your home decor needs. Discover the best modern lamps for sale at GreenBox to find unique lamp ideas for your home and begin the illumination.
Modern Lamp Shades
Modern Table Lamps
Bedside table lamps from GreenBox are available as both complete table lamps as well as individual modern lamp shades to suit your room decor needs. All lamp shades for sale are carefully printed using the giclee method in our San Diego location, ensuring top quality modern lamp shades with lasting color. Based on our popular canvas wall art designs, all modern lamp shades perfectly accent your existing artwork for the home for a complete home decor solution. Shop for contemporary lamp sets or individual modern lamp shades to light up your unique home decor in a snap.
Table lamps can act as mood lighting, nighttime comfort, or as an accent to artwork for the home. All bedroom table lamps are printed in the United States, and work as well in bedrooms as they do living rooms, dens, anywhere! If you have your own base, you can purchase individual table lamp shades or opt for modern table lamps in their entirety. All of GreenBox's modern table lamps' designs are inspired by our top-selling canvas wall art collection to ensure your room decor flows seamlessly from lamp to wall. Plus, shades for GreenBox's modern table lamps are printed using the giclee printing method in the USA.
White Table Lamps
Modern Lamps for Sale
Whether you want to accent your bedroom decor with unique night table lamps or update your living room art with modern table lamps, GreenBox's exclusive contemporary white table lamps are sure to add a touch of elegance to any room. Each base is created from a durable resin so all of our white table lamps easily complement your existing home decor. GreenBox's contemporary lamp shades are based off popular stretched canvas art designs and are printed using the same high-quality giclee method. Visit GreenBox's collection of white table lamps to find the contemporary lamp that's right for you.
Light up your room decor with modern lamp shades and lamp bases for sale from GreenBox Art + Culture. Each one of our end table lamps is exclusively available through GreenBox, meaning you can't find these dashingly modern lamps for sale anywhere else. Select a single lamp shade or find a complete set of modern lamps for sale to fill your individual decor needs! Printed on a durable canvas fabric blend, our contemporary lamps feature brilliant color and durability so you can enjoy its light for years. Browse the high-quality designs to find one or several modern lamps for sale from GreenBox Art + Culture.