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Monthly Archives: February 2012

  • Sharing Wall Art by the Inch with Victoria Huckins

    One of our favorite artists, Victoria Huckins, recently participated in a fundraising event at the Escondido Arts Partnership Gallery called Artful Inches in Escondido, California.  The proceeds will go towards the High School Exhibition at the gallery.

    Victoria and 17 other fantastic artists spent about two weeks painting 30 feet of watercolor paper. Art enthusiasts are invited to buy pieces in four different size options of this unique hand-painted art by the inch. Buyers are given a matte in the size of their choosing to move around the artwork as a frame to determine which section they want to take home. What a fun way to collect art and support a good cause! And at $1 an inch, buying original artwork was never so affordable. Don't worry, it's not too have until March 6, 2012 to choose your art by the inch. Go to for address and hours.

    Have a look at the Escondido Municipal Gallery, get some original art of your own, and help some high school students expand their artistic horizons. Be sure to also check out our stretched canvas wall art that you can buy by the piece, not the inch, from Victoria Huckins' entire collection.

  • The Art of Books

    Who says the printed word is dead? (certainly not us, we say as we post these words online...).

    If you have an overabundance of books, here's some serious inspiration for you. These four artists have come up with beautifully ingenious ways to make treasured tomes relevant again.

    Brian Dettmer of Atlanta uses "knives, tweezers and surgical tools" to cut away parts of a book. He doesn't add or move anything in the pages--he just cuts. Meticulously. And with simply amazing results.

    New York City artist Meg Hitchcock's work is equally meticulous but entirely different. She cuts up holy books, letter by letter, and re-assembles them into passages from other holy books. For instance, Amazing Grace (pictured here) was created from letters cut from the Bhagavad Gita.

    Noriko Ambe of Japan identifies "pre-existing patterns" in books and cuts along those lines, creating rippling waves of pages.

    Jill Sylvia of California also follows the lines to create her art. In her case, though, the lines are on pre-printed ledgers, and she cuts out every empty space. What's left is modern-day lace, which the artist then displays as-is or uses to create something else, like a scale-model building.

    Makes us wonder what we could come up with, armed with an X-ACTO and a whole lot of patience.

  • Experience San Diego's Culture & Cocktails

    San Diego is definitely a happening place to live. At least, that's what we think at here at GreenBox Art + Culture! There is so much to do and see, with over 3,000 hours a year of nice weather to do it in! Beyond the climate draws, San Diego has culture that brings the masses out and about in our fair city.

    Balboa Park offers beautiful scenery, open space in an energetic downtown area - with numerous outlets to satisfy an artistic appetite. With 15 major museums, you can fill quite a few days. And since many museums have special events so often, fun-seeking locals love spending time at these beautiful old buildings.

    The San Diego Museum of Art sparks our interest with its periodical sundown series- Culture & Cocktails. This February 23rd from 6 - 10 PM, enjoy an evening that will bring you closer to the current exhibits "Dyeing Elegance" and "Echoes of the Past" while letting your hair down with a cocktail or two. It promises to be a great event and a dazzling evening.

    Be sure to check out their calendar often to track future Culture & Cocktails events and current exhibits!

  • Face Your Friends

    Now here's an art concept whose time has come. Between now and June 17, Maine-based artist Tanja Alexia Hollander's exhibit, Are You Really My Friend?, is on display at the Portland (Maine) Museum of Art. Here's the deal: Hollander has 600+ friends on facebook (a number that leaves us feeling slightly unpopular, but that's another story), and she is connecting with each and every one, face-to-face. She is photographing each friend and posting (in the retro sense, that is) the snapshots in the museumt.

    The exhibit is interactive in a couple of ways. First, naturally, there's a facebook page associated with it so anyone can friend the artist and leave comments. Also, in the exhibit itself, there is an iPad for comments and access to unlimited (we love this) Post-it notes (get it?). Viewers can write their comments on a real-life, ever-expanding message board.

    Such a clever concept (and such good timing, what with facebook's IPO plans all over the news). We "like" it.



  • A Weekend with Susy Pilgrim Waters and Sarajo Frieden

    If you need a nudge to get creative even though it's always on your mind, you may need an art workshop! There is a superb opportunity coming up this weekend February 18-19, 2012: 10am-5pm both days hosted by Teahouse Studio.

    The event is bringing together a smashing duo that are not only full of talent, they're full of fun and laughter. Susy Pilgrim Waters and Sarajo Frieden  have been friends for years due to their common love of art, design, and color. No matter your skill level as an artist, you'll walk away happy that you attended- and with some new tricks up your sleeve.

    For full details, check out Teahouse Studio's blog.

  • Sitemap

  • Try Your Hand at Writing

    The rise of keyboards and the corresponding fall of penmanship has been well-documented (via keyboard, of course). We've found a brilliant way to preserve what is sadly in danger of becoming a lost art.

    And maybe this is a case of "if you can't beat 'em, join 'em," but you've got to admit it's the perfect mashup of tech and nib: Fontifier. Print out the template, write the alphabet by hand, and upload. It creates a font made from your handwriting--and it costs less than ten dollars. Now you'll be able to type your notes and documents, save them on your computer, and print them out in a deceptively personalized way.

    But do it quickly--handwriting's a use-it-or-lose it skill, at least when it comes to neatness. So the sooner you turn your writing into a font, the less it will matter if you never write again.


  • Create a Backsplash with Panache

    Need to spice up your kitchen? Sometimes, a big costly renovation project is simply out of the question. When you're thinking about how ho-hum you find your family galley, know that a full remodel may not necessarily be the answer. We all know "pops of color" are the inexpensive way to liven up our living areas. Adding accents that are small parts of a whole allow you to have many options when you're in the mood to decorate and redecorate on a whim.

    Adding a backsplash above your sink, or all along the wall space between your counter tops and upper cabinets makes a huge impact in the room, but not on your bank account. While thoughts of trowels, grout, and tile adhesive may heighten your anxiety- it's certain you'll be more than proud of your beautiful new backsplash once you've completed it. Of course, you can always find easy instructions and videos from the genius DIYers at HGTV to make this a simple weekend project. Imagine the stress you'll release, and the beauty you'll create!

    Put together a mosaic for an original piece of wall art doubling as an easy cleanup backsplash. Of course there's every style of tile to choose from with all different shapes and colors. Try an all white honeycomb pattern for a clean, modern yet old-fashioned look. Maybe rectangular glass tiles all in similar shades with a little metallic touch. Or you can skip tile all together! Try a reclaimed wood covering, or fun wallpaper- either protected by a hardy polyurethane or plexiglass to aid cleanup.

    Regardless of your style, you have the freedom to put your own stamp on those walls. Absolutely in love with a certain tile pattern that's a little pricey? Choose to only do above the stove or sink to get the look you want, then add color to the rest of the kitchen using a tough, washable paint in a color that really highlights your choice.

    Here is some inspiration for looks that may tickle your fancy.


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