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Monthly Archives: September 2012

  • It’s Time to Expand Your Wall Clock Home Décor

    Clocks that will Stand the Test of Time in Home Décor

    When it comes to personalizing your walls and your home, there are endless options that will enliven your space. We know we’re biased, but stretched canvas art really can transform a room. Additionally, there’s another wall décor accent that is not only an attractive feature, but serves a practical purpose as well. Wall clock home décor has always, and will continue to stand the test of time in artwork for the home.

    Sometimes forgotten articles in modern home décor, wall clocks are wonderful additions and great conversation starters. Just like our canvas wall art can be chosen to specifically distinguish your style and personality, there are wall clocks out there that you will love and want to show off right next to your fine art. Below are some of our finds, and suggested canvas wall art pairings. But, again, your style sets the stage for tons of possibilities.

    I. Ornate Antique: Vintage Warehouse Clock from Restoration Hardware with "Shows Off What Shows Up" by Jessica Robbins for GreenBox Art + Culture
    II. Eclectic Classic: Abigail Wall Clock from Z Gallerie with "Patriotic Patterns - Cool" by Jennifer Hill for GreenBox Art + Culture
    III. Crisp & Modern: Metal Gear Clock from Z Gallerie with "The Glory in Us" by Mark Lawrence for GreenBox Art + Culture
    IV. Retro Bold: Nelson Polygon Clock from Design Within Reach with "Mod Dog Shadow" by Eleanor Grosch for GreenBox Art + Culture

    And don't forget to look for antiques and classics that will undoubtedly bring a personal element to a traditional or modern home. Grandfather clocks, grandmother clocks, and cuckoo clocks are all popular choices throughout history. This lovely image from Desire To Inspire shows a beautiful entryway featuring a classic grandfather clock. Flora Bowley's "Cocoon" stretched canvas art would be very complimentary to this traditional look. These fashionable décor additions can be treasured and passed down as family heirlooms for generations. Wouldn't you love to see what modern home décor your great-great grandchildren would pair with your beloved grandfather clock?

  • The Colors of Spring 2013

    Primaries + Pastels = colors of Spring 2013 palette

    From wall paint to wall art, passionate colors rule the scene

    The first flakes have barely fallen and already spring is in the air. Evidence? Pantone's Colors of Spring 2013 lineup is here. We love it--it's inspiring and fresh and, best of all, these shades complement our canvas wall art beautifully.

    There's such a lovely and somewhat unexpected mix here. Primaries and pastels? Yep. The mix is soothing and passionate all at once, and the color names, like Grayed Jade, Monaco Blue, Linen and Nectarine just sound like a tropical vacation, don't they?

    We here at Greenbox Art + Culture think tropical vacations should be a state of mind, not just a location. We have an assortment of gorgeous canvas wall art for your home that nods to Pantone's picks for Spring 2013. Here are a few:

    Cardinals by Todd Clark has a Nectarine (Pantone 16-1360) vibe to it, lush and relaxed. The pop of the cardinals' red feathers brings to mind Poppy Red (Pantone 17-1664).

    Pink Haze by Deborah Brenner combines shades of African Violet (Pantone 16-3520) and Linen (Pantone 12-1008) to an almost ethereal effect.

    Waterfall by Amy Genser is as soothing and cool as a spring morning, calling Emerald  (Pantone 17-5641) and Dusk Blue (Pantone 16-4120) tones to mind.

    This Spring, and always here at Greenbox Fine Art + Culture, our commitment to you is to keep your walls fun, stylish and up-to-date. Take a look--spring is just around the corner!

  • Be Our Guest - Inspiring Guest Room Ideas

    We all know what it feels like to be a visitor in a place that’s unfamiliar, or simply not our own. The smallest details can provide major comfort and coziness, or inconvenience and irritation! When designing a space that will serve as a retreat for your guests, put yourself in their shoes to anticipate their needs. Imagine yourself in a resort when designing guest room ideas.

    Start with the necessities: toiletries. It can be a pain to pack soaps, salves, shampoos and supplies when traveling. How about offering a stash of decadent shower supplies just for visitors? At most cosmetic specialty stores, you can find loads of small, sample sized shower goodies. Lotions and potions are something that will make your guests feel extra spoiled. Put them in a lovely basket with your softest towel and washcloth set, and voila! You’ve arrived at the first benchmark of reaching resort status.

    Remember, all the comforts of home (those that are feasible) should be additions to your guests’ room. Don’t forget a pen & paper, clock, trashcan, lamp, an empty drawer for their belongings, and access to an iron. Put a relaxing scented candle on the dresser for your guests’ enjoyment. In tune with your boarder’s reading taste? Get a few enjoyable books for the nightstand to induce relaxation at bedtime.

    To maintain a relaxing theme in the room, select a soothing piece of custom canvas art. 5,000 Nautical Miles by Melissa Matsuki Lillie has a calmness that is sure to ease your weary traveler. Then, paint the walls a sleep-coaxing color to carry on an inviting feeling to your guest. Choose a neutral, soft shade, such as Behr Himalayan Mist 500C-1. Once canvas wall art and wall paint have been chosen, select room-darkening drapes to ensure the morning sun doesn’t wake anyone up to early.

    Once surroundings are serene, make the bed their refuge with crisp bedding they’ll enjoy wrapping themselves in. The Organic Cotton Pintuck Duvet in Sea Spray from West Elm is a perfect compliment to this selection of modern home décor.  When preparing for your guests’ arrival, keep a bottle of Lavender Linen Spray on hand to spritz on the sheets just before pulling up the duvet for that final touch.

    A soothing room is something we all crave. Offer one to your guests, and you’ll remain lifelong friends. A peaceful sleep will do wonders toward tranquility in life!

  • Finding Fall Foliage

    If mashups are when two seemingly unrelated things come together, we have a new favorite mashup: Technology and Fall Foliage. That's right: technology is the key to finding fall foliage.

    You see, we love the changing seasons. If you've ever spent the Fall in the midwest or northeast, you know what we're talking about. One day everything's steamy hot, then the next day the sky is impossibly blue with cottony white clouds and then BAM--the trees are rioting. Reds, yellows, oranges come out of nowhere and the contrast with the blue sky and white clouds is nearly psychedelic. It's absolutely beautiful.

    In fact, we have a number of canvas wall art pieces that reflect our love of the colors of fall: Autumn Glory by Robert Kennedy, for example, or Saisons Automne by Eleanor Grosch.

    And now (here's the mashup part), you can track the progress of fall's incredible colors with, yes, your smartphone. We've got three words for you: The Foliage Network. Or, more accurately, one word: This group is so folksy and enthusiastic, it's impossible not to be charmed. Every September, October and November, this site relies on its foliage spotters to report twice a week on the conditions there. Everything is compiled into an interactive map, so it's easy and accurate to plan a trip to a region in the Southeast, Northeast or Midwest when the foliage is at its peak. Many of the "spotters" are also B&B operators, so you can see how neatly that works out.

    If you can't make the trip, there's a terrific little map that reveals dozens of webcam views of forests. They are updated every 30 seconds, so make some cocoa, wrap up in a cozy blanket, maximize your screen and you'll feel almost like you're right there, in the midst of the most impressive colors nature has to offer. All thanks to some pretty impressive technology.

  • House Numbers - Functional Contemporary Wall Art

    The importance of your house’s street number visibility goes far beyond an outlet for personal style and contemporary wall art. We all know that the Fire Department, Police, Mailpersons, delivery drivers, etc. have got to clearly see your house number from the street. So, take it as an opportunity to personalize it, and really make a statement with your digit décor. When passers-by see your house numbers, functional contemporary wall art, it's viewed as merely another outlet where you've expressed your style.

    Luckily, these days there’s a multitude of house number options available for everyone from the modern minimalist to the classic craftsman. This small detail can be given major thought and draw compliments from your visitors for the custom contemporary wall art that it is.

    When it comes to number fonts, just like all art, the ones you’re drawn to will be personal. Available on the market, there’s modern, mission style, retro, art deco, and historic (to name a few). There are also plenty of DIY possibilities with found antique numbering, artificial turf numbers mounted on your choice of surface, this cool nail art idea, and of course hand-painted.

    Not only are the style options nearly endless, there are tons of ways to display your street number. Be it on a large, lovely tree, mailbox, or in your yard on a post- your front door is far from the only place to keep the number visible from the street.

    Regardless of your choice for personalizing this outdoor accent, remember its real purpose and it will draw exactly the kind of attention you want drawn to your abode.

  • Melissa Matsuki Lillie

    Melissa Matsuki Lillie’s fine-art canvases demand a second look. And a third, or perhaps just one very long stare. That’s because these lively, organically patterned pieces offer so much to look at. A viewer may spot a tree—or is that a cloud?—but these largely abstract, canvas wall art pieces appear to contain multitudes and minutiae at once. We asked her about her subject matter and artistic process:

    GreenBox: It’s hard to determine whether your canvases are abstracts or actual depictions of something. Can you enlighten us?

    Melissa Matsuki Lillie: I generally do start with some sort of source material from everyday life. I always have a camera with me, so I incorporate some pictures I have taken. I also start with ideas and images that are scientifically based, like cell division or microscopic views of leaves or sand. Lately I’ve been finding microscopic pictures of rock and using that as material. From there it’s pretty intuitive.


    GB: Do you actually reprint the photos onto your work?

    ML: No, I do it all freehand. I don’t use a computer. I’ll draw something based on the source material and add and layer and incorporate images from other places that are of the same feel.


    GB: Do you have a science background that influences your interest in scientific images and magnifications?

    ML: No science background. I have a very natural-history heavy background.


    GB: How so?

    ML: My father was a zookeeper at the National Zoo for 30 years. Since he worked for the Smithsonian, we had access to all the various institutions. Wherever we went we were able to get into museums and even circuses. He was an elephant trainer, so he knew people in the animal industry and lots of other animal trainers. I have been to so many circuses! [laughs] So I have always had an interest in biology.


    GB: Where did the art come in? Have you always had an interest in art?

    ML: It’s funny when I think about it, but I guess I have. I have always been doing art since I was little.


    GB: Do you have formal art training as well?

    ML: Yes, I have a BFA from the Maryland Institute College of Art.


    GB: Were your parents supportive of your interest in art?

    ML: My parents were very open to it. My dad has an art interest, so I think he wanted to cultivate that in me. They were OK with sending me to art school, which can be a big step for parents!


    GB: Now that you are creating and selling fine art, how does it feel to know that people have your canvases hanging on their walls?

    ML: Fabulous. I never feel that art should be exclusive. It’s for people to enjoy and it’s what you take from it that matters. If other people can take something from art I make, I think that’s great.


    GB: What’s hanging on your walls?

    ML: My husband is a painter, too, so we have our own stuff on our walls, plus a few art prints as well. We also have an object collection—vintage cameras, view masters and even bugs!


    GB: Is it safe to assume, with your dad’s line of work, that you had a lot of animals growing up?

    ML: Oh yes. My father raised guinea fowl and bantam chickens, and he showed champion chickens that won all sorts of prizes. And we ended up with random animals that people would drop off at the zoo. People think a zoo will just take anything—a flying squirrel, a snapping turtle that was found in the road. We had a peregrine falcon for awhile. It was injured and someone brought it to the zoo, but the zoo wasn’t set up for wildlife caregiving. With all the animals we got, tried to find the appropriate person to take care of it.


    GB: If you could be any animal, which would you want to be?

    ML: I don’t have a favorite animal. I am across-the-board fascinated by any type of animal. I can be transfixed by the littlest thing, even sea life or insects. I can’t narrow it down to personifying one type.


    View Melissa Matsuki Lillie's GreenBox Canvas Art Collection

  • Barbie Dreams

    Do you love this Barbie necklace as much as we do? We came across this artist, Margaux Lange, recently, and we're more than a little obsessed. She takes old Barbie Dolls and turns them into actual, bona-fide art. Take a minute to check out her site and you'll see what we mean. She reuses just about every part--from the iconic ring to that iconic pair of, um, you-know-whats. It's amazing.

    That got us thinking--who else is doing Barbie jewelry? Turns out, there are other options for the Barbie-obsessed (or the simply nostalgic).

    Check out this Dream House ring. We'd have a terribly hard time deciding; wear it closed like a giant pink jewel, or open on two fingers like the greatest brass knuckles ever?

    Another ring is this 1950s silhouette. It's very retro, even for an already-retro theme, and the black band is adorable.

    If you're very brave, this necklace made of shoes is fun. Each one is different, and if we had the inclination and the know-how we could probably create our own just by going through the old boxes we've unhelpfully left in our parents' attic. You see, Mom and Dad? We told you not to throw any of those boxes away.


  • Wall Art Décor – Mix and Match Gallery Style

    Here at GreenBox Art + Culture, we are all about bringing walls to life. When we get the opportunity to show our contemporary wall art at tradeshows, we pack the walls with custom canvas art – some new, some classic, mixing artists, styles, colors and themes. Know what we always hear? “Your showroom looks beautiful! It’s so colorful and happy!” And we think so, too.

    Of course, we’re trying to maximize the stretched canvas art we can show at once, taking up every inch of wall space we have - but it’s also a nice presentation. We receive confirmation over and over from stores that display our products and from customers that enhance their walls with our modern home décor, that large pieces and/or groupings make the most attractive impacts on walls.

    We think artwork for the home should be personal and engaging. Why not mix in a beautiful piece of custom canvas art with a grouping of prints collected on international travels, a framed scarf that’s too beautiful to wear, family photos, ornate ceramic tiles, or cherished drawings from your little ones? In our opinion, to add more interest, the more the merrier. Just make sure there is a common theme, be it a repeated color or subject matter in the art, or the same color frames used on all pieces in various sizes. Most of our pieces do come with the option of adding a frame in either warm white, or deep pewter that appears nearly black.

    Do you have a series of blue collectibles? Fit Amy Genser’s "Deep Sea Current" in the mix.  Or, if you collect sand dollars and starfish every summer at the beach, surround our "Pelican Post" canvas art by Christopher Ross with your cherished beach gems. Find images of beautiful birds from old books to put in frames, and include Jennifer Kiraly's "Crown Bird", Flora Bowley's "Fly", and Amy Paul's "Scarlet" all in a deep pewter frame, within a grouping. Your collection is what will make your grouping personal and beautiful. And it’s been said many times, that if it’s something you love, it will fit in with your décor.

    Blue Gallery 1 - Sapphire Mirror from Layla Grayce 2 - Deep Sea Current by GreenBox Art + Culture 3 - Embroidery by aboutSHE from Etsy 4 - Oval Platter by Veejays Vintage from Etsy 5 - Tin Ceiling Tile by M-Boss Inc

    Nautical Gallery 1 - Pelican Post by GreenBox Art + Culture 2 - Blue Pencil Starfish by Naples Sea Shell Company 3 - Antique Porthole from Maritime Antiques 4 - Vintage Nautical Flag from Pentaluma Supply Co. 5 - Nautical Anchor Wall Art from Etsy 6 - Lobster Buoy from Etsy

    Framed Bird Gallery 1 - Scarlet by GreenBox Art + Culture 2 - Crown Bird by GreenBox Art + Culture 3 - Antique Bird Print from Etsy 4 - Fly by GreenBox Art + Culture 5 - Vintage Song Bird Eggs Lithograph from Etsy

  • Scarf it Up

    The cooler weather of Fall isn't so bad, especially when you've got the accessories to go with it. Right now, that means scarves. We're constantly amazed by the beautiful creations of artisans on etsy, and these are some of our cool-weather favorites right now.

    Check out these red leaves! With the trees getting ready to turn, why should they have all the fun? This shop features all sorts of colors and styles of imaginative scarves-almost-necklaces.

    Feeling artsy yourself? This chunky scarf is not too hard to make. You can buy the pattern and then whip it up yourself (or hand the instructions, and some chunky yarn, off to a crafty friend who owes you a favor).

    This next one is perfect for bookworms or romantic types. It's decorated with hand-screened text! This one features a passage from Jane Eyre, and other texts are available. Very clever and really lovely.

    Speaking of lovely, these fish are hand-painted on silk, creating a lively piece that moves, and swims, as it's draped around your neck and shoulders. Another hand-painted beauty is this chiffon flower scarf; delicate, wearable art.

    And here's one of our favorites: bright pink crocheted skulls! It's got a terrific mix of toughness and tastefulness that brightens up the dreariest of fall days.

    Have fun. Stay cool!

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