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Monthly Archives: October 2012

  • Pumpkin Art

    HALLOWEEN PUMPKINS Elevated to fine art

    an intriguing twist on the standard jack-o-lantern.

    Have you seen this pumpkin art by Villafane Studios? The carving is incredible and the detail is so fine that it makes us feel a little sorry for these squash heads, especially the ones with splitting headaches. These examples are inspiring us to try something new this year and leave the time-honored grinning jack-o-lantern to the kids.

    Personally, we can only admire these Villafane Studios creations--we could never even dream of attempting to recreate them. But we have found a few ways to elevate our own pumpkin art.

    These painted, black-and-white pumpkins seem pretty straightforward, using just two colors of paint and either a steady hand or well-placed stencils. Anything from patterns to branches to a face or a scene is an artistic possibility here.

    Another idea is to stick with the standard idea of lights and carving, but to create an artistic pattern instead of the familiar face. This pearl-style one is pretty, and there are lots of other ideas we can envision, like fall leaves or even small cookie-cutter shapes and letters.

    We're challenging ourselves this year to turn pumpkin carving into pumpkin art--a definite treat that doesn't have to be, well, tricky.


  • Agnes Pierscieniak

    Agnes Pierscieniak is a collector.The San Francisco-based artist collects everything from shadows to photos to paper. Her resulting fine art canvases are varied and eclectic, always with a focus on the interplay between colors, shapes and patterns. Recently, we asked her a few questions:

    GreenBox: Some of your pieces almost look like tie-dye at first, but they appear to be nature photos. Can you tell us about those?

    Agnes Pierscieniak: Those are digital collages of my own photos. I was at the Palm Springs Animal Park one day and didn’t see any animals. The shadows that day were so bright and so intense. I started photographing the ground and thinking the shadows looked like watercolors almost. Most of the photos I use in those collages were taken in that day. I’ve been collecting shadows ever since.


    GB: “Collecting shadows.” That’s a nice phrase. How do they end up being used in your art?

    AP: On a wall, on the ground—even a barren landscape can have life in it. Especially once you add color. I add color visually with the computer. It’s almost a game of color—you don’t know how they’re coming together—mixing shadows and colors and seeing how they blend.


    GB: So you collect photos as well.

    AP: That’s right. I collect photos as you might collect objects for a collage; thinking of how they come together or different sizes.


    GB: Let’s talk about your fine art collages. Are those fabrics or paper?

    AP: Those are paper. I wanted to take a break from digital work and do some cutting. The papers come from grab bags—scraps from stationery stores. So you don’t really know what you’re getting until you open the bag. It all comes together organically, shapes and colors. Some have stitching. That adds a third or fourth layer with the sewing machine.


    GB: They do look layered.

    AP: Yes, in fact I’ve seen people reach out and touch the canvases. It looks very tactile. It’s physically layered so they even have shadows.


    GB: Have you always been interested in collage?

    AP: Yes. I did my undergraduate work in architecture at USC in LA. But I always was more interested in collage. I started working for graphic designer in LA, doing art in a commercial sense. Murals for hospitals and things like that. As a working artist, short of selling online or having your own gallery, it’s hard to have your own artistic platform. But being a mural designer or in environmental graphics, you get to do things in the real world. It’s so rewarding to go back and forth between my own art and making art for a place that really needs it, like a hospital.


    GB: So you started out in architecture! How did you go from that to fine art?

    AP: In high school I would take classes at the Academy of Art for high school students and I got into photography in college. I got my Master’s at Rhode Island School of Design. Graphic design is a good blend of art and design. It’s about breathing life into a space.


    GB: Have your parents been supportive of your art career?

    AP: Always. My parents are both engineers but my grandma was a painter, she would visit us and we would do watercolor painting. She was really amazing. My mother’s sister was a painter too, and so they inspired me.


    GB: Collage, photography, painting, sewing—you do lots of different media. How do they all relate?

    AP: The continuity is color and pattern. Short of that I like to try lots of different things.


    GB: A few more questions. You mentioned that instead of animals you photographed shadows at the Animal Park. Do you have a favorite animal, or one you’d like to be if you weren’t you?

    AP: Let’s see. I used to ride horses but I don’t know if I’d want to be a horse. Maybe a tiger. I would love to live in a tropical jungle and wear a vibrant orange coat with such bold stripes!


    GB: One more. If you could create a flavor of ice cream what would it be?

    AP: Actually, I’ve had a lot of ice cream lately because that’s the big thing here in San Francisco. I like lavender honey. Something fresh, but not too sweet.


    View Agnes Pierscieniak's GreenBox Collection

  • Framed Canvas Wall Art Adds Dimension

    GreenBox Art + Culture has always offered custom canvas art made from high-quality, artist grade canvas gallery-wrapped around a wood frame. Your artwork arrives ready to hang on its own and makes a masterpiece out of your wall. But, did you know that we also offer framed canvas wall art? Many of our sizes come with the option of adding either a warm white or deep pewter shadowbox style frame. The frame's face is flush with the face of the canvas, creating a clean and crisp finish. GreenBox art doesn't need a frame to look gorgeous on a wall, but a frame will surely make it *pop*!

    Whether your choices of artwork for the home lean toward a more traditional style or contemporary wall art, our shadowbox frames will add a perfect finishing touch. Choosing multiple smaller pieces all in frames to create a grouping makes a real statement. Consider three or four of Rachel Austin's brilliant Poppy Collection lined in a row over your couch, all in white frames. Robert Kennedy's "Tied Up for the Night" in 40x30 framed in deep pewter makes a stunning focal point in a traditional den with a nautical theme.

    Framed canvas wall art is simply another option we offer to help you deck your walls and express your individuality. Sometimes, the frame around the art can be the icing on the cake that binds all of the surroundings together for clean harmony.

  • Artistic DIY Halloween Costumes

    Halloween costumes aren't as much fun for grownups as they are for kids. That's just a fact for most adults, we're sorry to say. Maybe it's the pressure to be super clever, or daringly topical, or naughtily sexy (why are so many Halloween costumes for adults so, um, "adult" anyway?) But let's not let go of that fun side of Halloween costumes that most of us had as kids. Here are some cleverly artistic DIY Halloween costumes that you can create without breaking the bank!

    Remember Carmen Sandiego? Wondered lately just where in the world Carmen Sandiego is? Right here. Just grab a jacket, hat, globe, and Carmen has been found.

    Here's a very easy, fun his-and-hers costume. It's a classic pair--Mary Poppins and Bert--but not an overly obvious one.

    Now that we've found Carmen, that reminds us, where's Waldo? This costume is as funny as it is easy. If you've got a (well-behaved) dog, you can even have her join in.

    This final one is fun to create, especially if you grab a bunch of friends and a bottle of vine (sorry, that one just had to be included). Inflate a few dozen balloons and wear a coordinating shirt and you're good to go. It's pretty grape.

    We hope that's inspired your Halloween, whether it's a big party or answering the door for the little trick-or-treaters.

    Check back, because we've got some carved pumpkins up next that you just have to see to believe.

  • The Art of Mix and Match

    Artwork has to speak to you, only then can it find a place in your home. GreenBox Art + Culture seeks contemporary wall art for our line that evokes feeling and mood in art lovers searching to bring color to their walls. With so much variety, it can be tough to decide on just one. In fact, we encourage you to think outside the box, and turn your wall into a gallery. Mix and match our artwork by finding what you love, without feeling the need to only stick with one artist. While many artists have multiple pieces that work beautifully together, there are also tons of choices that work perfectly together by combining multiple artists' works.

    Look for your ideal color palette, subject matter, or size/layout to get your collection going. By grouping art, your walls go from being just the backdrop to the starring feature. While GreenBox tends to provide artwork on the more colorful side, there are plenty of options in the black & white and photography genres added in our latest collections.

    Be sure to use our search tools to help you narrow down your choices. We have products categorized by "theme", and also by "color". The color options show up under "Color" on the left side of the screen on our store page. Be bold, be brave, and be colorful.

    Mix and Match No. 1 - Bold Floral - Marigold and Pink by Steve Haskamp. View From Above by Creative Thursday by Marisa. Columns by Todd Clark. Blue Birds by Amy Paul. Creamery by Stephanie Corfee.

    Mix and Match No. 2 - Artwork by Andy Anh Ha. Artwork by Eli Halpin. Artwork by Flora Bowley. Artwork by Rachel Austin. Artwork by Gordon Hopkins. Artwork by Midori McCabe. Artwork by Angelo Franco. Artwork by Deborah Brenner. Artwork by Sally Bennett. Artwork by Donna Ingemanson.

  • Homes Seeking: Oversize Canvas Wall Art

    Personal Ads from Different Styles of Homes

    Contemporary Home Seeks Dramatic, Oversize Canvas Wall Art

    Contemporary home seeks stylish canvas wall art that will bring the drama. Yes, you heard correctly: D-R-A-M-A. I'm looking for a companion that doesn't fear standing out from the crowd and making a scene. My idea of perfect artwork for the home is something that's bold, beautiful, and takes up a lot of space - oversize canvas wall art, if you will. My style is very important to me, so I want a partner that will fit in perfectly with the life I live. Things may change around you, because I need to remain current- it's my passion. However, I'll need you to be timelessly chic. These are some big shoes to fill, but I know "the one" is out there.
    We suggest: Shadows Cast West by Caroline Wright

    Traditional Home has Broken Heart over Large Empty Wall Space

    I'm a traditional sort of individual, but I like to think my style is classic. When looking for companions to share my space, I insist upon only including lasting ones that will reflect my befitting design. However, I do have a large space that I'm finding difficult to fill due to its size. While I enjoy commonly smaller items on the whole, I believe it's time for me to branch out in the area of wall art decor. What I'm trying to say is, I need strong, oversize canvas wall art to fill this empty void in my life - on my wall.
    We suggest: Abstract Wilderness by Angelo Franco

    Minimalist Home Seeks "The One"

    That's right, I only need one. I like my space bare and clean, but something is missing. My wall is too stark, but I am very particular. I do not want lots of little things mucking up my walls- I know many others like that sort of thing, but it's simply not for me. I want bold, oversize canvas wall art to add the one finishing touch I'm looking for. And, life will be complete.
    We suggest: Turquoise Vertical Line Series by Andy Anh Ha

    Could one of these ads possibly have been your home? Do you have a large, empty void you're trying to fill on your wall? Turn to GreenBox Art + Culture to help you find  your perfect match! With sizes up to 48×48, 44×36, 54×32, 60×45, and 72×36 - you'll find a lasting companion! Take your pick...

  • Wine Cork Art

    Fall means thick sweaters and good wine with friends. We love the whole ethos of wine culture, the vineyards and colorful leaves and hand-hewn wooden tables set up in fields with mismatched, vintage chairs (we maybe have been reading too many home decor magazines, we confess). And we love wine art, as evidenced by the bottle-themed wall art we offer on our site. That's why we're psyched this year to try our hand at Wine Cork Art.

    It's the ideal way to recycle those wine corks into something that's usable and fun.

    Cork magnets are so easy to make! We split the cork so the brand name would show, making these an interesting way to display a collection.

    These wine charms are clever. One cork provides 4 or 5 of these crowd-pleasing glass-organizers. An eye screw and letter stamp completes the set. Personalize them for your guests or use the alphabet or numbers for a reusable set.

    Another outstanding idea is the monogram. This starts with a craft-store letter, then adds on corks that are set in place with strong glue. It makes a really cool door wreath.

    This final one is our favorite--a wine cork bath mat! it looks terrific and it's just over-the-top enough to really impress people. For this you might need to ask a local restaurant to help out by saving their used corks for awhile.

    So drink up and toast to fine wine and fine art. A terrific combination.



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