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Monthly Archives: January 2013

  • Brighten Your Day with a Colorful Desktop Wallpaper

    If your weekdays consist of long hours looking at a computer screen, you may be in need of some light in your life. No matter how rewarding your work may be, it never hurts to add sunshine and happiness through color to your daily surroundings. A simple step in getting a refresh from the daily grind is adding a colorful desktop wallpaper to your inanimate work partner.

    You may already be a huge fan of Agnes Pierscieniak like we are, but if you aren't familiar with her style - check it out pronto! Her artwork will transport you to a desirable place, be it a sunny Cabo beach, or an evergreen wooded escape full of shadows and light. Based on her sunny days in LA, she creates her artwork by collecting shadows and playing with color.

    Bring a daily dose of Vitamin C(olor) to your work-life surroundings. Even a mental escape to someplace far away can bring peace to your everyday chaos. Download these free colorful desktop wallpapers, No. 07 and No. 08, by Agnes Pierscieniak from her blog Bigger, Brighter, Bolder Color Your World and make your life a little more artful.

  • Designer Wall Decals are a Fresh Fine Art Option

    GreenBox Art + Culture has seen the success of Oopsy daisy's fabric wall decals Peel & Place as an affordable fine art solution that's entirely flexible. Our customers love that they can get a piece of artwork that can cover a large area for a lower price, without sacrificing style or quality. So, we've taken this idea of adjusting our existing artwork favorites to be applied as wall decals from Oopsy to GreenBox! We'd like to introduce our newest member of the fine art family, our Designer Wall Decals. They're made from the same fabric based wall decal material as Oopsy daisy decals, so they won't damage or mark your walls, they're repositionable, and a snap to put up!

    You may think that wall decals in the home decor world are nothing new, but ours are much different than the vinyl wall stickers you see everywhere. GreenBox Designer Wall Decals are fabric based, meaning they won't stretch or rip like many vinyl wall decals out there. They're also created from our best-selling canvas wall art designs, bringing you a new option to get the look you crave on your wall. Our Designer Wall Decals are a more affordable alternative at a larger size that will add immediate impact to your room.

    Lastly, we're proud of the quality of the art, color, and detail in our Designer Wall Decals, which you rarely find in most single-color vinyl wall stickers. Since they're based on current GreenBox works, they've got the same detail as in the canvas art, which often requires a double-take to see if it's an original! We attain this level of detail with the same giclee print method as our canvas artwork reproductions. The quality, color, and detail are paramount to us, as we print our Designer Wall Decals right alongside the rest of our artwork line, right here in our San Diego, California studio.

    Graphic Flowers by Molly Bernarding
    5 Dancing Fawns by Eli Halpin
    U Are Funky by Melanie Mikecz

  • Andrew Daniel

    It is said that a picture holds a thousand words, well if that’s true then Andrew Daniel’s paintings must hold a million! Mixing eclectic inspirations from nature, textiles and folk art, Andrew paints us a world that is full of vivid and diverse colors. His calm nature and happy tones are unavoidable and we were recently given a chance to peek inside the mind of this highly talented GreenBox artist.
    This is what he had to say:

    GreenBox: Can you describe the time when you first realized that creating was something you absolutely had to do?

    Andrew Daniel: Once in college I tried to walk away from being an artist for two weeks. What actually happened was I never really stopped being creative... My creative nature was expressed in other ways; like my relationships with others (meddling in their lives in strange ways that were not always welcome) and obsessive fantasies about everything from relocating to other countries to different bizarre entrepreneurial adventures. After the two weeks, I had spun my wheels in so many directions I was tired out and confused, coming back to art felt like a very natural evolution then.

    At heart, I have always been an anarchist, I want to make up my own rules that follow the logic that makes sense to me. Being an artist is a safe and fun way to build a world that reflects my own preferences and imagination.

    They say Hitler applied to art school and was rejected. If he had been encouraged more to use art as a creative outlet, I believe he would have been a fairly harmless citizen of the Germany; poor and obscure recreating his own version of the world on canvas.


    GB: How would you describe your style?

    AD: My work has evolved through many styles over the years, for the sake of brevity I'll comment on the body of work that GreenBox has chosen to collaborate with me on. In this body of work I am interested in dazzling bright colors, woven together, layer upon layer, over assorted shapes pulled from folk art, textile design, quilting, ceramics, and wallpaper.


    GB: What kind of creative patterns, routines or rituals do you have?

    AD: While I was creating these works, I often sketched on loose pieces of printer paper, taking notes of anything that inspired me, whether it was the way someone had designed a flower in a Persian rug, or a bird I might have seen on someones necklace. I would appropriate these images and use them as starting points. Eventually I had a binder full of sketches, before I started a new painting, I would pull out the binder, select maybe six sketches and move them around on a table, then maybe I would look on the internet or at books of geometric patterns for more inspiration, then I would look through my huge bin of paint tubes and select five colors or so that would be the main color theme. By this time I couldn't wait to start painting.


    GB: What message or feeling are you trying to communicate with your art?

    AD: In these paintings I am after the feeling one feels in their heart when they are sunbathing, laying on warm sand and have just slipped off into a daydream.


    GB: What jobs have you done other than being an artist?

    AD: I started with food service, which was great inspiration for getting out of food service and going to college. After college I began working with elementary school aged children through Americorps. It was at this job that I learned to be very loud and playful with my colors. Was it the children, or was it the geniuses that came up with the colors for Crayola Markers? Now I work with Intellectually Disabled Adults, which I find to be quite compatible with the life of an artist. It's low stress and I have time to work on my art.


    GB: What artists do you look up to?

    AD: For this body of work, I was interested in Gustav Klimt, Pierre Bonnard, the impressionists, as well as the many other anonymous folk artists that have contributed to the collective creative mind of humanity.


    GB: Which creative medium would you love to pursue but haven’t yet?

    AD: If I had another life, a twin of myself that I could delegate to any possible lifestyle and creative goals, I would set him to work as a chainsaw sculptor, creating roadside attractions! Gawd how my heart yearns for that life, in fact I would regularly trade places with him whenever I got too jealous at his achievements!

    As it is, life is short, and I have to pick a focus if I want to get anywhere, so I have chosen painting!


    GB: What food, drink, song inspires you?

    AD: Circus Cookies


    GB: What superpower would you have and why?

    AD: Mother Theresa, Jesus, The Buddha, dedicating ones life to an ideal in such a way that it just radiates out of you! If I could combine that quality with superman flight, I would fly circles around the world just shining goodness!


    GB: What’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given?

    AD: Picasso had once said something like "Bad artists borrow from other artists, good artists steal it and make it their own!" This helped me to stop worrying about originality and embrace making art that really celebrated the good qualities that inspired me from other peoples work!


    GB: Lastly, any words of advice for aspiring designers/artists?

    AD: Find a day job you like and doesn't take all of your energy, then you are free to follow your inspiration as an artist without having to worry about making it pay the bills. One of the best decisions I have made, keeps me excited about my work, on the other hand it means I am a very busy person.

    The other thing I might say is don't sell short your contributions to the world. Life would be absolutely bleak without art! Creativity is the life force of community, we make people feel connected to something larger, we remind people of the potential of humanity!


    View Andrew Daniel's GreenBox Art Colllection

  • Stretched Canvas Art Perfect for the Kitchen

    Whether you're the host or the guest, when asked, we're pretty certain you'd say the kitchen is the most popular spot in the house for party congregation. Some of us are lucky enough to have a kitchen that opens to a larger area that can actually accommodate large groups, ensuring the cook doesn't miss out on any of the fun! With all that attention to an integral part of one's home, you want it to look fab! We're here to help accomplish that and show you our stretched canvas art perfect for the kitchen!

    While fruit, vegetable, and "kitcheny" things are obvious and popular themes, we've got some more tricks up our sleeve to inspire. How about a sunny set like this Cabo Series by Agnes Pierscieniak for an interesting and bright effect? We also think Shelly Kennedy's Sweet Sayings collection goes great in any room, especially a room your guests will already feel comfortable in. Travel is another theme that would go perfectly in a kitchen, what better conversation starter than artwork focusing on a place everyone would love to visit?

    What we're trying to convey is that there's no rule that says artwork for the kitchen has  to focus on a food theme. In fact, your home style should be fluid throughout, from room to room. Moreover, take the opportunity to bring color to your kitchen that coordinates with your chosen artwork with a creative backsplash. Don't sacrifice your personal taste and artwork that speaks to you because of a rule you've been led to think exists. You've got to be creative in the kitchen!

  • Popular Pins from Pinterest

    GreenBox Art + Culture loves design! We love it so much, that's practically all we think about. Looking for fabulous items to surround yourself with and make your home beautiful makes us tick! Therefore, Pinterest is not only a pastime for us, it's turned into a way of life. We look at our popular pins from Pinterest to see what inspires you. Not only do we strive to inspire you, we look to you to inspire us.

    With all these ideas and pretty pictures, Pinterest is not only an inspirational paradise, it's downright fun! You can find DIYs, room designs, color combos, and interior design ideas you've never dreamed of. We also love all the entertaining ideas and recipes, but just wish we had time to try them all!

    We find our most popular pins of interiors lean toward a modern vibe. Our "Modern Living Room" pin has the appeal of a wide open space and no clutter. The white, gray, and chrome used throughout the space is clean and relaxing. We would recommend some canvas wall art from Andy Anh Ha to warm up this room, while keeping it modern and simple. "Nook" is also a more modern space, but definitely a cozy one! A cluster of Eleanor Grosch's small, graphic works in a warm modern color palette would keep the style of this small space warm and inviting. These two pins come from our "For the Home" and "Simple Solutions" boards, respectively.

    With boards featuring "Outdoor Living" to "Plant Life", we seek out many aspects of a design-happy lifestyle.  Our "Gallery Walls" board is very helpful in lending creative inspiration for wall art layout, and gallery style wall decor with other personal objects. With these boards along with our featured artist boards and stretched art offerings, you'd better believe that once again, we've got your walls covered.


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