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Monthly Archives: February 2013

  • Blue Canvas Wall Art to Chase Away the Winter Blues

    To battle the blues and blahs that can sometimes come along in the winter, liven up your space with a sea of blue hues. Shades of blue have been known to evoke a sense of calm and relaxation when used to decorate a room. While blue touches can be added throughout the decor of the room from wall color, to rugs, to drapes, blue canvas wall art gives the eye a place to rest in the room and will draw more than just a relaxed feeling from its viewers.

    Start by finding your perfect artwork in a shade of blue, or even pieces with only a tiny speck of blue! The way the blue is carried throughout the room will create the atmosphere you're looking for. Pick a full room of blue decor for a vibrant sea of tranquility, or strategic splashes of turquoise or cobalt for an injection of serenity. We've rounded up some gorgeous accents in shades of teal, turquoise, and navy along with a lovely blue canvas wall art pairing to fit in to a multitude of living space styles. Start with a work of art that speaks to you and takes you to that place of peacefulness, be it a seaside escape or a wintry wonderland, and keep your eyes peeled for finds to add to the mix.

    Once you open your eyes to hues of blue, you'll be amazed at how just the right shade can fit into your existing decor. Or, maybe you'll be inspired to make your surroundings a pool of blue, floor to ceiling awash in cerulean.


  • Do You Fondue?

    Cliche? Check. Throwback? Check. Fun and delicious? Check and check! Yes, fondue has a reputation for being"cheesy", but it's time to take it back to the start. Cheesy is the idea, but with Gruyere and Emmental, if you please. If you're drawing a blank on Valentines ideas this year, try this on for size

    Fondue is the quasi-forgotten pastime that brings friends and family close, to find delight in swirling delicious bits of dippers into your choice of velvety sauce. Thank you, Switzerland! This Valentine's Day, don't bother fighting the crowds to squeeze in a romantic dinner at some fancy restaurant. They are all full of couples with the same idea, taking reservations at 9 and 10 o'clock because the restaurant's completely booked all evening. Now who's cliche?

    If you're looking for a way to embark on a new tradition, try fondue this Valentine's Day. The two of you will find it romantic, ensuring a fun interactive dinner; or the kids can join in and make it an enjoyable family affair. A simple, classic Cheese Fondue recipe will please everyone- especially when choosing dippers! Select your favorite breads, blanched fresh veggies, roasted baby potatoes, and cured meats. The ingredients of the fondue are key- choose an appropriate wine or beer to add to the cheese, and make that your accompanying beverage for this portion. Cornstarch is the source of the velvety texture, keeping the cheese nice and smooth.

    Then, finish off the night with a delectable Chocolate Fondue - sure to bring a satisfied smile to everyone at the table. For Chocolate Fondue dippers, the sky's the limit! Try cubes of pound cake, fresh fruit, your favorite cookies, pretzels, marshmallows (how about peppermint flavored!), or even... bacon! The gang will love experimenting and trying fun ingredient ideas with the whole family. Maybe you'll get some new favorite combos.

    So, of course, with every fun pursuit, there are always matters of etiquette. You know the drill- no double dipping, no dribbling from the pot to your mouth, don't dip with your fingers, and no dropping items into the abyss (this will cost you a round of drinks- according to tradition!) But, you can handle all that. Don't forget a special bottle of bubbly to start the night... and Voila! Let the fondue fun begin!

     1. Crate and Barrel     

    2. Williams Sonoma


  • Now That's Punny Stuff!

    If we ruled the world, puns would be the official language. You know, the "orange you glad I didn't say banana?" variety that the very young and the very elderly alike find hilarious. Even though we don't fit into either of those categories anymore/yet, there's no linguistic feat we love more than a good pun.

    Which makes us nostalgic every Valentine's Day. There is quite simply no better treasure trove of puns than vintage Valentines. Usually, it's the rose-lipped lovelies and doily-decorated beauties that get all the nostalgic attention from vintage-card aficionados. But to our mind, these old puns prove that they just don't make 'em like they used to.

    Here are some of our favorites, along with our best wishes for a Happy Valentine's Day!


  • The Mincing Mockingbird

    Prepare to spread your Little Blue Bird wings and take flight into a colorful world of art created by The Mincing Mockingbird! Artist Matt Adrian shows his passionate love for nature with a collection of art that is truly rich in warmth and personality. As luck would have it, we had the esteemed pleasure of interviewing Matt for February’s Artist of the Month! Here’s what we chirped about:

    GreenBox: Did you choose to be an artist or did art choose you?

    Matt Adrian: Art chose me, but it insisted I work a bunch of different jobs before it would allow me to do it full time.


    GB: Describe some key elements of your style or technique – you don’t have to give away any secrets!

    MA: I paint birds almost exclusively, and the pieces tend to play with the composition of the canvas. I've got a real thing for negative space. I use acrylic, usually on birch panels.


    GB: Do you generally use the same color pallet or do you vary your choices?

    MA: There's definitely a muted feel to my work, and I use a lot of grays, blues and greens. But there are some birds you cannot tone down, that's for sure. It's sometimes difficult for the paint to live up to the real-life intensity of color of the feathers.


    GB: Tell us a little bit about your workspace.

    MA: I share a studio with my wife, who is also a painter. She is very clean painter, while I splatter paint everywhere. We live on the central coast of California, so we have easy access to lots of hiking and wildlife, which makes for a good way to take a break from painting.


    GB: Do you have any quirky artist characteristics like painting in your PJ’s or only eating pasta on the days you create?

    MA: I recently retired a brush I had used on every painting I did in the last six years. I noticed painting without it shook up my mojo a little bit.


    GB: iPhone or Android?

    MA:  iPhone.


    GB: Name one or two emotions you would like people to feel from viewing your art.

    MA: I am very passionate about nature and its protection–I hope some of that passion comes through in the art. I hope people look at birds a little closer the next time they go outside–it's like finding a complex, parallel world just outside your door.


    GB: Where do you find your inspiration?

    MA: Painting birds gives me a fantastic opportunity to travel, because anywhere in the world, there are birds. When I finish a painting, I have the satisfaction not only of the piece, but it reminds of the adventure I went on to find that bird. The new experiences, seeing new birds in the wild, nature, color - it's all extremely inspiring to me.


    GB: How long does it usually take to complete one of your pieces, or does it vary?

    MA: It varies. Some birds are rendered more loosely, so the paintings where I paint every feather take much longer to complete. Those are usually the larger birds and larger paintings.


    GB: If you had to choose another career what would it be?

    MA: A writer of some sort. I guess I just want to be alone all day.


    GB: Lastly, what are you having for dinner tonight?

    MA: Some stuffed pork chops, I think. A salad. Ice cold Mexican Coke in a glass bottle.


    Feel free to browse GreenBox Art's Bird Theme Collection

  • Style How You Like: Modern or Traditional Decor

    Artwork should speak to a person and evoke a mood or feeling - personally to each of us. We all have our own style, our own taste, and a will to surround ourselves with what we think is beautiful. At GreenBox Art + Culture, we let the artwork speak for itself, and hope you find works that suit who you are. We don't want our art to be perceived as one particular style, it can find a home in various types of settings, however you see fit. We'd like to give an example of thinking differently about our art by showing Amy Paul's beautiful artwork in two unique settings, as modern or traditional decor.

    Our modern example has an unconventional color choice for the sofa and modern lines in the overhead lighting, as well as the floor lamp. The bold graphics on the rug are eye catching while its color palette is harmonious with the grays in the wall color and wall art. We're showing a grouping of similarly themed canvas wall art by Amy Paul that lend themselves to modern decor and have a bold, dark quality to keep the look edgy. Metal and wood accents on the side table bring an industrial and geometric style addition.

    A traditional room is also a perfect setting for artwork by Amy Paul. Little Birds Big World is a Mural that Sticks in a size 54x54, which makes a gorgeous statement against a beige wall color. When keeping the main pieces of the room, such as the sofa and rug, in more neutral shades, it creates a calm and classic space. A chandelier type overhead light is an elegant accent that brings glamour to the room without taking away comfort. Opting for a solid wood pedestal side table gives you a very versatile piece of furniture that will be a favorite for many years. An ottoman is perfect for a family setting acting as a foot rest or coffee table when needed. Lastly, this floor lamp is a bold piece of furniture in chocolate to be a chameleon for whatever decor you may transition to.

    Regardless of your current personal style and taste, don't let it limit your choices in artwork for the home. If a piece of wall art decor speaks to you, own that piece of art and make it work with your surroundings. All it takes is your happiness and fondness of your possessions to create harmonious home decor.

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